Monday, 1 February 2016

Story #160 - It was supposed to be a regular day (part 15)

After several games where they traded wins, and I was left as the folding guy, I finally received a nice hand. Two, five, eight, ten, and a J, all reds. I'm pretty sure I have this in the bag, and I might as well down another can, my third one.
"Whoa. Hold on, mate. You don't have to get so knackered, you know. It's not even 1 pm, and you're already like this."
When he said like this, he meant that my head was shaking. Heck, my left eye was slightly twitching. Something inside was telling me to stop, but I didn't care.
"Shut up. Let me enjoy myself."
Jim lifts his arms and presses them, hands first, against his chest, then moves his head from right to left in a slow manner. "Okay, I'm not gonna say anything else."
I wink at him. He grins.
"Anybody want cards?"
"I'll have three," Stacy says. The popular lad takes two. I take none.
"Shall we show them?" He says, smiling.
The girl does first and reveals two pairs with cards below ten. The guy has a three piece of kings. I show mine.
"When you get cards, you sure do get cards."
"Yeah. Stacy, strip or dare?"
She fidgets a bit, then utters "Dare!"
"I dare you to..." My eyes suddenly closed, my head smacked itself against the wooden table, while my hearing faded away.

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