Monday, 27 August 2012

Hidden heaven

A motel. A motel in the middle of nowhere. Jack hoped to find one soon.
It was early in the morning and he was coming from a funeral. Nobody of importance to him, but he went as a favor to the brother of the deceased. Jack was a very good friend of the brother, but the few times he met the one that passed, he disliked him, heck, he even punched him.
Although, now, he wanted to find a motel, he kept thinking about that joke that was said about him. Not normally eavesdropping on people, but he couldn't help but hear when several people named him as one of the guilty people involved in this death.
Jack, who had a glass in his hand, squashed it and cut several parts of his hand, yet he didn't flinch, instead, he was fuming. He turned around and confronted the guy, with his fist in the air, only, the guy was going in retreat and said it was a bad joke on his part. Also, offered his apologies, but received a punch in the gut. Jack stormed out of there and rode off in his car.
He didn't know where to go, so he went in another direction than the one he came in, hoping to find something that would ease his anger. Maybe a motel, maybe a diner.
Going across the road, his mind wandered off to nothingness. His eyes were blurry, as if he had cried, but they were swollen from lack of sleep, and the haziness appeared.
If not for a scream, he would have missed the motel completely. It awakened him from his wide-eyed slumber.

Jack pulled the brake in the middle of nowhere, on a dusty road where nothing could survive, except a motel. There was a car parked in front of the motel. He got out of his and went there with haste, but looked for a rock or something for support. He found a piece of rotten wood which was better than nothing.
The place seemed run down, but he didn't care, it felt perfect for him, except for that noise. He could still hear something from the floor window.
Although an action man, he didn't want to attract outside attention and jump through the window, so he went through the door, making sure there was no sound from his steps.
After he entered the place through the door, he saw that nobody was a the front desk, therefore, he went near the room. Noises were still heard.
Jack kicked the door down. The two people inside were startled. They invited him to join them but he refused, and, looking slightly embarrassed, he excused himself. On his way out, he tried putting the door back, but it wouldn't stay, so he let it be while those two continued for a little while.
Jack, who was now sitting in a chair in the hall, couldn't believe what happened. At least this was a good joke. That made him smile and brought a laugh as well. It was the first laugh in a while. Still laughing, the woman came from the room and looked surprised to find him like that.
- What's so funny, honey?
- Oh, it's just... weird stuff... never mind. I'm sorry about before, I heard a scream and thought an assault...
- Oh, that... The woman smiled. It's okay, but now we have to fix the door.
- I'll fix it for you if you have the tools.
- Sure we have them. But before that, what're you doing in a place like this?
- A rough morning. I wanted to find something like though. Can I ask you something?
- Sure.
- Do you have anything to eat?
- Hell yeah we do. French fries, burgers, pizza, apple pies, almost everything.
- Oh, that's great. I'll have a hamburger and some pie.
- Great. They'll be ready in about 20 minutes or so.
- Cool. In the meantime, I'll fix that door.
He went in the door direction while she went to the dining hall. There, Jack saw the man of the house. He apologized yet again and offered to fix the door. The man said it was nice of him to do it. Jack asked for tools, but the man said he'd bring them.
Arrived a couple of minutes later with the tools, Jack was ready for work.
He fixed it in a rather good time, considering the damages done to it, but the hinges weren't that broken.
After the job was done, he went into the dining hall to eat.
The food looked like it had popped out of the '50 commercials. It was chic, good-looking, tasty, and, most importantly, it wanted to be eaten.
Jack enjoyed the food so much that he ordered fourths, and, eventually, he would come here whenever he had the time, only to enjoy these fabulous meals.

Thursday, 9 August 2012


He failed to hit the baseball with his bat, and that made his team lose the match.
After that, in the locker room, the coach was talking to the guy who missed the shot.
The discussion didn't last long, but he give him an ultimatum, and he missed again and cost the team the match, he was out.

Later that night, he was contemplating what the coach had told him.
"I'll give you one more chance to prove yourself or you're out of the team, got that?"
It really affected him, and it would affect him even more if he was sacked because there would be no money and no honey.

A week later, the game was underway, and all they needed was for him to hit the ball and make a run for it at the bases.
"Look, I saw that you've been motivated this night, that you're raring to go to prove yourself. Go for it." said the coach and slapped him easily across the right cheek.
He picked a bat, the ninth bat from the storage space, thinking that it would bring him luck, because the number nine was his favorite number.

There he was, walking to the pitch, shaking and breathing fast, but once he got in the center and positioned himself, everything changed. He became focused and started breathing very slowly. All he could see was the ball.
And it was thrown, but he let it go without trying to strike, preparing himself mentally.
Second was was thrown and he threw the bat, only to miss it.
"It's okay, I've still got one more." he said to himself.
The final ball was thrown, and you could hear the sound, the sound of wood hitting thin air and the boos that came after that final miss.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


"All alone in this ugly world." Alice said to herself.
"I've never felt joy, only sorrow. I think my moments of happiness occurred when I snuck around the corner and immersed myself in my own world, like I am now. I don't care what all the others think. Just because I have a sad face doesn't mean I am sad, it's my mimic."
But Alice was upset because she had been abandoned by her parents and been brought up in an orphanage. She always felt empty because of that and hated everyone, mostly herself.

One day, a couple to the orphanage and wanted a young daughter. They looked around and saw Alice, a cute 6-7 year old girl, with red hair, something they always wanted. It was love at first sight, for them, at least.
After the files had been signed, she left with the couple.

The first week was incredibly difficult for all three. The couple did everything they could to please the girl, but it felt awkward. She didn't want to eat, she didn't want to do anything. She even did her old routine of sneaking around a corner and talking to herself, of course, without them noticing.
On the ninth day she saw something that changed their relationship. 
Although she was aware of writing, Alice never tried it. Mainly because the people at the orphanage never bought her anything.
That notebook and pen made her feel alive, they made her feel happiness, for the first time.

Monday, 6 August 2012

An accident

As Jennifer was breaking a glass by accident, her father had had enough.
"That's the last straw." he said.
He was furious because of the way she acted, all arrogant and breaking things or tearing them up. However, this time it was an accident. Somebody left the glass on the edge of the table and she lowered herself to pick something up, but when she got up, she touched the table and the glass fell.

The father decided to ignore her and give her no allowance. Instead, he used that money to buy things to replace the ones she broke or tear.
Days, weeks, even months have passed and he still hadn't spoken to her, even though she tried very hard to be sympathetic, cooking for him was one thing. But he wouldn't eat the food and make something else himself.

Although she was frustrated by this outcome, she had to live with it knowing it was her fault for the situation.
However, one fateful morning, while she was walking around in the kitchen and he was cooking for himself, he somehow slipped and fell on the floor. He had a pan filled with hot oil in his hand and, as it was about to splash onto him, she caught the handle and made sure there wasn't any drops spilled.
The father was in shock, but he got up and hugged her. 
"I'm sorry." he whispered in her ear.
Tears started to come down from her eyes. Tears of joy knowing things were looking up instead of down, for the first time since that glass breaking.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dancing through the leaves

"Autumn, good old Autumn. My favorite season has commenced." said Alison.
She had had a difficult couple of months and wanted to kick-start her life again, but didn't know how. Or failed to do so.
She tried different things like knitting or doing something different every night, she even adopted a new way of life, but it didn't help.
Poor old Alison, that's what certain people that knew her said. From a charming and cheery person, she became apathetic.
Walking around with brown hair, she dyed it in a more reddish tone, which made stand out in public.

Despite the knowledge that she was wanted by certain, Alison didn't feel at all needed, it was more the opposite.
But there she was, in her room, looking out the window as the first brown leaves started to touch the ground, making for a splendid sight.
As she was living near the woods, she decided to go out for a stroll.

Walking through the woods, she felt this frenzy, this ecstasy that overwhelmed her. She began hearing a beautiful melody, one that made her dance.
Alison, as a introverted person who never danced, began doing it now, in the middle of the woods, hearing something that was only in her head. And it made her feel like she never felt before.

After this encounter, her life changed. Not overnight and not feeling the effects consciously. Alison began doing things that she loved and didn't know about, without it seeming odd.

A clock for life

Tick, tock, tick, tock, made the clock located in the park.
Time was running out for him, but why only for him and not for anybody else?
He was in a space pause, meaning he could move while the rest were frozen in motion.
Inventing this pill in his lab, he swallowed it and hoped to conquer mankind, but he didn't think that if he failed to touch a big clock, he will die and be erased from existence.
Right now, he was running, for his life, towards that clock in the park, because that was the nearest big clock.
Seconds remained, and as he was sprinting, he kept hearing a voice saying to him "You have less than five seconds... four... three... two... hahahaha... " the voice laughed because he slipped in a puddle, thus preventing him to live any longer.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mornin' gag

One early morning, while Jan was still sleeping, I snuck outside the room and came back after five minutes. The reason? I wanted to wake her up by tickling her toe with a leaf.
At first, she just scratched her feet, but after trying some more, she woke up and was all sweaty.

"Hey, I had this nightmare. I dreamt I was invaded by rats and they were crawling all over my legs."
"One crazy dream, babe."
"What are you doing over there?"
"Umm... nothing." I said with a smile on my face.

Sensing something weird going on, she got up and came near me. I, on the other hand, hid the leaf inside my shorts.
She made me get up and I showed her that I had nothing on me.
I left the room and she jumped back in bed.

The next morning I felt something scratching my face. At first I thought it was the cat, but then I opened my eyes and screamed. It was the leaf, but she cut it in certain ways to make it look scary.

"You dropped it yesterday. The joke's on you now."
"Yes, I suppose it is."

Needless to say, I stopped doing things like that to Jan, for a while at least.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

A dreamy dialogue

"Let's do something."
"Like... ?"
"Like bungee-jumping, go-karting, hang-gliding, let's make prank calls, let's do some acting or record a video, let's play some games or mosh pit to horrible music, let's do something interesting."
"Are you that bored?"
"Well, you'll stay like that since we're broke, have no games, no phones, or camers, heck, we don't even have a home and you know it, now stop sniffing glue all by yourself and give me some."

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The apartment

Jackie knew that the front door had been left open, but he knew nothing of what was inside.

The apartment had been done over by the repairmen and the whole lot, all it needed now was his seal of approval.

Yet, when he entered, he saw decrepitness all over, which begged him to think about the quality of work, or lack thereof. 

It smelled horribly, the pipes were leaking, the carpets were stained, the walls were sullied and he even saw several roaches roaming around.

The whole thing stank of phoniness and lack of hard work, but there was a noise coming from the kitchen, which made him go there, thinking it was a rat or something similar.

When he entered, the noise was being made by the refrigerator, so he opened it, only to discover something that... captured people.