Monday, 27 August 2012

Hidden heaven

A motel. A motel in the middle of nowhere. Jack hoped to find one soon.
It was early in the morning and he was coming from a funeral. Nobody of importance to him, but he went as a favor to the brother of the deceased. Jack was a very good friend of the brother, but the few times he met the one that passed, he disliked him, heck, he even punched him.
Although, now, he wanted to find a motel, he kept thinking about that joke that was said about him. Not normally eavesdropping on people, but he couldn't help but hear when several people named him as one of the guilty people involved in this death.
Jack, who had a glass in his hand, squashed it and cut several parts of his hand, yet he didn't flinch, instead, he was fuming. He turned around and confronted the guy, with his fist in the air, only, the guy was going in retreat and said it was a bad joke on his part. Also, offered his apologies, but received a punch in the gut. Jack stormed out of there and rode off in his car.
He didn't know where to go, so he went in another direction than the one he came in, hoping to find something that would ease his anger. Maybe a motel, maybe a diner.
Going across the road, his mind wandered off to nothingness. His eyes were blurry, as if he had cried, but they were swollen from lack of sleep, and the haziness appeared.
If not for a scream, he would have missed the motel completely. It awakened him from his wide-eyed slumber.

Jack pulled the brake in the middle of nowhere, on a dusty road where nothing could survive, except a motel. There was a car parked in front of the motel. He got out of his and went there with haste, but looked for a rock or something for support. He found a piece of rotten wood which was better than nothing.
The place seemed run down, but he didn't care, it felt perfect for him, except for that noise. He could still hear something from the floor window.
Although an action man, he didn't want to attract outside attention and jump through the window, so he went through the door, making sure there was no sound from his steps.
After he entered the place through the door, he saw that nobody was a the front desk, therefore, he went near the room. Noises were still heard.
Jack kicked the door down. The two people inside were startled. They invited him to join them but he refused, and, looking slightly embarrassed, he excused himself. On his way out, he tried putting the door back, but it wouldn't stay, so he let it be while those two continued for a little while.
Jack, who was now sitting in a chair in the hall, couldn't believe what happened. At least this was a good joke. That made him smile and brought a laugh as well. It was the first laugh in a while. Still laughing, the woman came from the room and looked surprised to find him like that.
- What's so funny, honey?
- Oh, it's just... weird stuff... never mind. I'm sorry about before, I heard a scream and thought an assault...
- Oh, that... The woman smiled. It's okay, but now we have to fix the door.
- I'll fix it for you if you have the tools.
- Sure we have them. But before that, what're you doing in a place like this?
- A rough morning. I wanted to find something like though. Can I ask you something?
- Sure.
- Do you have anything to eat?
- Hell yeah we do. French fries, burgers, pizza, apple pies, almost everything.
- Oh, that's great. I'll have a hamburger and some pie.
- Great. They'll be ready in about 20 minutes or so.
- Cool. In the meantime, I'll fix that door.
He went in the door direction while she went to the dining hall. There, Jack saw the man of the house. He apologized yet again and offered to fix the door. The man said it was nice of him to do it. Jack asked for tools, but the man said he'd bring them.
Arrived a couple of minutes later with the tools, Jack was ready for work.
He fixed it in a rather good time, considering the damages done to it, but the hinges weren't that broken.
After the job was done, he went into the dining hall to eat.
The food looked like it had popped out of the '50 commercials. It was chic, good-looking, tasty, and, most importantly, it wanted to be eaten.
Jack enjoyed the food so much that he ordered fourths, and, eventually, he would come here whenever he had the time, only to enjoy these fabulous meals.

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