Thursday, 9 August 2012


He failed to hit the baseball with his bat, and that made his team lose the match.
After that, in the locker room, the coach was talking to the guy who missed the shot.
The discussion didn't last long, but he give him an ultimatum, and he missed again and cost the team the match, he was out.

Later that night, he was contemplating what the coach had told him.
"I'll give you one more chance to prove yourself or you're out of the team, got that?"
It really affected him, and it would affect him even more if he was sacked because there would be no money and no honey.

A week later, the game was underway, and all they needed was for him to hit the ball and make a run for it at the bases.
"Look, I saw that you've been motivated this night, that you're raring to go to prove yourself. Go for it." said the coach and slapped him easily across the right cheek.
He picked a bat, the ninth bat from the storage space, thinking that it would bring him luck, because the number nine was his favorite number.

There he was, walking to the pitch, shaking and breathing fast, but once he got in the center and positioned himself, everything changed. He became focused and started breathing very slowly. All he could see was the ball.
And it was thrown, but he let it go without trying to strike, preparing himself mentally.
Second was was thrown and he threw the bat, only to miss it.
"It's okay, I've still got one more." he said to himself.
The final ball was thrown, and you could hear the sound, the sound of wood hitting thin air and the boos that came after that final miss.

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