Sunday, 27 October 2013

Watching - Dialogue only flash story

"Like I was saying, this guy's watch was taken right off his hand."
"So? People steal daily, from money to clothes to objects like that."
"Yeah, but this guy...when he realized, he put his hand on his head and started chuckling."
"He found humor in a theft. Nice."
"No, not really. He had a band-aid plastered over his wrist."
"These ones spread laughing gas once you remove that thin plastic or paper, whatever it is."
"Isn't it illegal? What's the world coming to? How the heck did they pull that one off?"
"Beats me. All I know is that a bunch of other people started going hysterical as they passed by him, then they fell on the ground, switching their hands from their bellies to their cheeks."
"Did they die?"
"According to the paramedics, they became amnesics for life. Basically, their memory was wiped out and they can never make new ones."
"I can't even fathom that thought."
"Neither can I. Good thing I was on the other side, grinning at the beautiful time ticker I found in my pocket."

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Deflated balls

Coming out of the gym, Frank saw a deflated basketball on the street.
"Looks like some idiot punctured it," he said as he picked it up. "Right in front of a field. Man, I'd like to play, but nobody's around." He threw it in bin as he walked away. "Looks like that little spurt of adrenaline made my thigh muscles sore. My injury's picking up again."

Two days later, there was another deflated basketball, at the same minute he came out of the gym.
"Can't be coincidence, right? It's seven-twenty-seven and nobody else is around. Someone's tempting me for something," he sighed, then hooped the ball in the bin; his lips widened and started whistling.

Same time-frame, same minute, similar basketball.
"Hey, Frank, get over here on the court, we've been waiting for an hour," said a pencil-like man.
"Josh?  I thought you were away."
"Idiot, I knew you birthday was coming up. Wouldn't miss it. Besides, I saw your faces the other two days, when you grabbed the balls. I knew you'd have that reaction."
"But why blow them up?"
"You used to blow them when we were younger. I thought you'd remember that."
"Oh... So that's what it was."
"And don't tell me you're still injured. Stacey kept me up to date with you condition, and I don't think you'd go to the gym if you were hurt, right?"
"Well, I kept it easy because I still want to be in shape."
"Yeah, I know the feeling. So, dice?"
"Sure, but only one half of the field. Every time I go in the gym, the wound's acting up. The bathroom."
"That's what you get for dancing on a slippery floor," he chuckled and passed him the ball.
"So, the time is my birthday, huh?
"Yeah, even though it's p.m., it's still seven. And since you're turning thirty...."
"You know you gonna lose, right?"
"We'll see about that."

Friday, 4 October 2013

Yo-yos - Flash Story

Jumping up and down was Michael. Mike. Mikey. Michaelson. His grandfather called him that. He said it reminded him of an Italian, nothing more.
The nine year old boy was gleaming because of his first toy.
"Papa, papa, look at what pappy gave to me."
The father glanced and smirked. "Boy, I wish I had your joy. Off you go and play. Tonight we pack."
"Must we, papa?" His eyes turned teary. "We moved here a few days ago."
"Afraid so, sport. People don't want us here, either."
"It's my fault, I knew it." He threw his toy and whimpered.
"It's the people's fault, not yours. And don't you do that to your toys. You don't know how long it has been since I saw your grandfather smile. Now, go along and play."
Michael crawled away to the gift.
"Stupid people. I wish I had two legs to kick a ball, then I'd show you. With this yo-yo I can't play much, but at least I have my first toy," he sighed and knocked himself out at the first spin.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cat's jumps - Under 140 characters story

Cat with broken paw wrestles every day with jumps. Falling after every landing, it meows, but goes on.