Friday, 28 February 2014

Piping problems - for Flash Friday

I’ve been at this damn pipe for the past hour or so. And so have they…been watching me.
When a trickle of sweat poured from my chin, this skinny boy yelled as if he wanted me to die. I bet he does since I’m a native and his country conquered mine.

Regardless, this is my tenth pipe of the day and it’s not even noon. I’m thirsty, hungry and tired, but I have ten more hours to go. And I do this daily, without pay, with little food and sleep. 

Yet, I know it’ll all be worth it once it happens. They won’t know how to figure out it was my doing. That I shifted things with this pipe and the men in the tanks won’t be able to breathe. 
Serves them right for invading. I guess this is how Napoleon felt when his troops fell in Russia.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Oh, Mephistopheles - For this week's Trifecta

"Mephistopheles, old chap, make me attractive for the ladies."

One week later.

"Mephistopheles, I know what I said, but every female, living or dead, animal, mammal, fish and bird, is coming after me. That wasn't what I meant."

For this week's Trifecta.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Savior? - For Trifecta

I remember the first time I went into a funk. I had been laid off in a moment where everything in my life was going bad. My wife had an abortion behind my back and left me. Then my parents died.
The job, while not as important, was the cream on the pavlova.

Alone, I became a hermit. My beard and hair grew and I looked like a homeless guy.
Neighbors ran away from me and store guards ordered me out. They said I stank and scared the customers.

A couple of weeks after everything sprawled out of control, my cousin visited me.
School started soon and said I was the cheapest alternative to dorms. I don't know if it was a compliment.
Regardless, she kicked me in the bathroom and shaved my hair and beard. I looked like a new man afterward. Both ways, since she made me bald. Light bulbs were never as popular as then.
Shortly thereafter, I found a job and everything worked out.
She left after the semester ended and said her job was done.
I've been looking for her ever since, for you see, I omitted to say she had a child.

For this week's Trifecta.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Was that good bye? - for Flash Friday

An earthquake happened a few days ago. Out of the blue, like they always do.
I came in this forsaken country to shoot pictures of atrocities, but I never expected to be in one myself. Not like this, at least.
So, I've been stuck here ever since. Nobody came around, maybe because this place is at the outskirts of a small village.
I tried to get out, but the windows have been filled with too much sand and it's impossible to get through. The rooms are the same. Heck, the door's jammed and I can't even get out of this one.
Will I ever be saved?
Maybe I need patience.
But I don't think I have it in me anymore.
My eyelids are falling like a curtain falls after a bad play. Abrupt and without remorse.
I guess this is...

For this week's Flash Friday.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Warmth - for Trifecta

We looked into each other's eyes as we held our hands together. Smiling, we squeezed tighter and felt the warmth flow between our bodies.
A kick came. Another one. Two souls became four.

33 words for this week's Trifecta.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Comparing the Olympics - for Flash Friday

Whenever I look at this picture, I think to myself, "Man, those people sure came out in hordes."
But who wouldn't? It's the first modern Olympics. Even if the competitors aren't that great, it's still a magnificent achievement.
Despite the disgruntled times when wars went on, the low wages and the famine, it was a pleasure to go out back then. Besides, most people didn't know what to do with their time. Not that they do now, but at least you have more choices.
Also, the air was cleaner. No pollution, even if there was the odd horse manure in the middle of the road.

Nowadays you have a mass-marketed event that brings together millions, but if you say a wrong word, you'll be deemed a racist, a xenophobic or some other word. If you piss off the wrong people, you might get kidnapped and killed.

Hmm. Makes you wonder when it was more peaceful.

For this week's Flash Friday.

Monday, 3 February 2014

A phone call to change the mood - for Trifecta

"Hello, Sam."
"Max. I told you no two days ago. Why won't you let me live in peace? I did those favors for you, but how many do you actually want?"
"Until I'm satisfied. I like to play games with people, to manipulate and laugh at how they can't break free."
"You're a right bastard, aren't you? I'm hanging up."
"Are you sure you want to do that and not go to the post office?"
"On one condition, I will."
"You split with my mom."
"You bet."
"Then I'll go fetch your parcel. Bye."
"But I didn't say when we'll split up, did I?"

For this week's Trifecta Challenge.