Thursday, 29 December 2011

Breaking out

"Hey, Max, you sure you're up for it?"
"You betcha."
Here I was, with Max, waiting for 10 pm to arrive in order to get Bucky out of the hospital.
Poor old Bucky, he had just been diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago and is upset that he'll miss the party that he put together this year, our Christmas party.
We went to visit him several times, as well as other colleagues, and he seemed so depressed because of the cancer.

It appeared out of nowhere, he laughed at the doctor, at first, because he couldn't believe that he could've gotten it, stating that he was a very healthy man and couldn't possibly be his chart. Yet it was, and the doctor was extremely serious, even though the cancer was benign, he was adamant that Bucky going to be checked in the very next day in order to prevent anything bad from happening, despite Bucky's arguments.

It was nearly time. We had the ambulance here, the doctor outfits and tags and we went in.
Everything was exactly how I planned it. Few people, every patient asleep.
We entered and said "hello" to the nurse at the front desk, she replied with the same word and we were on our way to his room.
Entered the place and he was almost asleep, until he saw us, and that made him scream a bit, but Max managed to get faster and put his hand over Bucky's mouth to make the man silent.
He asked plenty of questions like why were we there at that time and why were we dressed like doctors. We said that he'll see for himself in a while.
After that talking, we stopped the power in the machines, then we unplugged him, but we left the saline attached.

When we left, the nurse almost stopped us, but we told her that it was crucial of Bucky to come with us because his mother was in a bad way and wanted to see her son for the, probably, the last time. The nurse shed a couple of tears for that and let us leave.
We celebrated when we entered the ambulance and went in the direction of the party.
When we got there, he knew where we were and became excited.

As we joined the festivities, we announced that we brought in a stripper, and that she was under the blanket.
Max pulled the blanket and Bucky jumped up and began to shake his butt singing "Tananana, This feels so good, so good" and everybody got a kick out it.
All went well on that peaceful night.
We returned Bucky to the hospital early in the morning and everything was going to be fine.
He beat the cancer and went on to live a happy life.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The gift

Trent was in his mid twenties when he a car almost ran him over, but he jumped from it and landed on a piece of ice, slipping, landing on his head and going into a coma.

Times were tough for his parents and girlfriend.
As the years passed, the same thing happened to his parents.

His girlfriend left him as well, eventually, even his friend left him, seeing that he was in a coma for ten years.
One Christmas morning and everything changed. His limbs were saggy no more, like they were when he was committed to the hospital, his face was like a twenty year old man and there was a present near his bed.

When one of the nurses came in, she had a huge shock, then ran back to the doctor, to let him know what had happened. The doctor came quickly and checked his pulse, then his eyes.
Just as he opened the eyelids, Trent emerged from the bed, like the Phoenix bird emerges the second time.
He looked around didn't recognize anyone.

"Who are you people?"
"Trent, you've been in a coma for the past ten years." said the doctor.
"Ten years? You must be joking doc, I feel just fine."
"Yes, you look like before, when you first arrived here."
"Maybe I'm ageless." and he laughed. "What's with the present?"
"I assume it's for you, and it has a note on it."
"Yes, it says it came from the North Pole. Is this for real?"
Everybody remained speechless. A present from there, arriving in the 8th level of the hospital, while the window was wide open.

"I didn't open that window." said the nurse.
"Are you saying that Santa came here?"
"Seems like he did, and he brought you a great present."

Saturday, 24 December 2011

I used to hate snow

Snowflakes started falling from the sky. It was a pleasant view.
But Johnny thought it wasn't.

He was a 9 year old boy who enjoyed the summer time and not the winter time.
Johnny glanced through the window at other kids that were sliding from the hills; either sliding by themselves or with the help of a sled.
His mother asked him about joining the other kids.
He reacted angrily and went back in his room where he sobbed.
That anger came from embarrassment, because he was too shy to talk to other kids that he didn't know, and those at his school lived in a different place.

On another day, somebody went sliding and hit a tree. It was near his house.
He tried looking around to see if there was somebody else, but nobody came to help that person.
Johnny took a big gulp and went outside.

Wearing extremely warm clothes, he approached cautiously.
A hand popped out of the snow and that made him shriek.
Gulping again, he commenced quickly to help the person. He grabbed the person's hand and helped them to their feet. But it was a "she" and she was okay.
Rachel, a girl about his size and one year older than him, gave her thanks and gave a kiss on the cheek, as gratitude.
That made Johnny very happy and he will always remember that winter day.
The day he met his wife.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Treasure map

For someone who grows weary at the sight of people, when he saw her, he was mesmerized.
He felt like he was floating, forgetting about his shyness and pursuing her.
She was being followed for about 3 three blocks, yet, she didn't mind, although she knew she was being followed since the first block. She found it quite cute.

But then she stopped. The boy hid behind a tree. The girl told him to come out because it will be all right. So he came out and acted shy.
The girl was amused by this. She went to him, grabbed his right hand and felt it, but he didn't know how to react, so he smiled, bashfully.
She then told him that she has a map with a buried treasure and that if he wants to help her out. He nodded.
They started going towards the X, which was behind the house they stopped.

However, they had to be fast and not be caught by the landlord or his booby traps. Of course, this was only a test to see if the boy had any guts.
He gulped, then accepted the challenge.
She decided she wanted to go in first, so he had to follow her. They jumped over the fence, and as he was watching her move, he stepped on a shovel, the stick hit his head and that made a noise which made her laugh. He was rubbing his face and forehead because of this, and that sound made the sleeping dog wake up and start barking. 

The landlord heard and came outside, but when they heard his footsteps, they ran for the fences and her skirt was caught in it, they pulled the skirt and ended up ripping it. She ended up on him.
Love at 10.

Thursday, 22 December 2011


"Ouch, that hurts." said the boy on the chair.
"Don't worry, it's over." replied the doctor as she took the syringe away.
Timmy was having his flu shot, but this one was a bit more painful than the others. He couldn't wait to get home and roll into his striped blanket that he likes so much. It had a bright yellow color with some dark green stripes and for some odd reason, it calmed him, whilst his mother called it "a piece of garbage".

After he arrived home with a lollipop in his mouth, courtesy of the "nice" doctor, he entered his room, and just as he was about to get into bed, he noticed that the blanket wasn't there.
He asked his mom and she said that she had thrown it away. At that moment, Timmy had a rage fit, slamming stuff around the room, turning bright red and yelling at his mother, who, didn't exactly know why he was so upset.
Of course, this was just a ploy to see if he actually liked it, as she liked it as well, but only said that it was garbage to annoy him.

As Timmy fell asleep, in anger, he was shocked when he woke up and was covered in his blanket. He went to his mother to tell her that was sorry. She said that it was her fault as well, for pushing him like that.
They both hugged and never argued about the blanket.

Introduction to my blog

Hello, my name is Adrian, I'm 22 and I live in Bucharest.
I will share my writing on this blog.
At the moment I've only written flash fiction and short horror stories, but next month(January), I'll write a novel, hopefully, that will end well :)