Friday, 23 December 2011

Treasure map

For someone who grows weary at the sight of people, when he saw her, he was mesmerized.
He felt like he was floating, forgetting about his shyness and pursuing her.
She was being followed for about 3 three blocks, yet, she didn't mind, although she knew she was being followed since the first block. She found it quite cute.

But then she stopped. The boy hid behind a tree. The girl told him to come out because it will be all right. So he came out and acted shy.
The girl was amused by this. She went to him, grabbed his right hand and felt it, but he didn't know how to react, so he smiled, bashfully.
She then told him that she has a map with a buried treasure and that if he wants to help her out. He nodded.
They started going towards the X, which was behind the house they stopped.

However, they had to be fast and not be caught by the landlord or his booby traps. Of course, this was only a test to see if the boy had any guts.
He gulped, then accepted the challenge.
She decided she wanted to go in first, so he had to follow her. They jumped over the fence, and as he was watching her move, he stepped on a shovel, the stick hit his head and that made a noise which made her laugh. He was rubbing his face and forehead because of this, and that sound made the sleeping dog wake up and start barking. 

The landlord heard and came outside, but when they heard his footsteps, they ran for the fences and her skirt was caught in it, they pulled the skirt and ended up ripping it. She ended up on him.
Love at 10.

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