Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fairy tale problems

The father went up to the children's room to read them a bedtime story. He opened the door and their eyes were instantly on him.
- Okay kids, today I'm gonna do a different tale, ya ready?
All three of them said "Yes" in unison.

"In a forgotten land, where only foul people lived, there was this bright light of a girl. She was a teenager and had had a hard life up until then. She lived at a boarding house all her life, and because her soul was so forgiving, everybody teased her and constantly betrayed her trust. Even though it was hard, she found a route somewhere that lead to the woods where she would relax and feel good for a change. That all changed one morning.
While she was going there, she found a note pinned to a tree. It was addressed to her, and asked her to be here tonight. Although it was intriguing and there were many questions as to why it was addressed to her, she was gullible enough to go.
Nighttime came and she arrived, but nobody else was present. The girl wandered around and started looking at the starry sky when one of the stars moved. It moved so much that it flew next to her, having the dimension of a rose.
She fearlessly approached it and touched it. The rose-shaped star transformed into a tuxedo wearing man. He and his suit sparkled like nothing she has ever seen before. The small man spoke to her and offered a once-in-a-lifetime deal. All she had to do was to wear the dress and shoes that were behind her favorite tree, to the ball tomorrow night. If she impressed them and brought everything back, her life would change, but if she failed to do any of the two, her life would continue to be miserable. The girl accepted the challenge.
The ball time came and all the snobs were there, enjoying their sniveling and bickering, portraying them like jokes. However, they stopped once she walked in. Her fiery red dress and her red shoes caught everyone's attention, but that lasted for a short time because they began gossiping and wandering who she was and who invited her.
The loudmouth cocky owner of the castle where ball was held came to invite her to dance. She accepted. He tried to talk drivel to her, but her responses were mystifying to him. Once the music stopped, she departed from the owner and around the room, looking at the buffet table and greeting the people around her. Some people gave a liking to her, while others were still with their noses up-high.
Time passed and she danced, but grew tired and wanted to leave. As she was walking up the stairs towards the door, a girl twice her size wanted to have some fun and rammed her. Our girl fell down the stairs and the shoes slipped off her feet, but the dress was only dirtied. She began crying and ran out of the room, while the fat girl laughed along with other people, but others felt pity for her.
Even though crying and ashamed, her destination was the tree, to return the dress and explain to the small man what had happened.
Upon arrival, he told her to say nothing because he knew all about it. He promised her things would change and let her be.
Meanwhile, at the party, the fat girl was outside with the shoes, furiously wanting to try them on, but failing to grasp her large feet inside. The man appeared out of nowhere and clapped once. The fat girl heard it and looked toward that direction, only, something happened to her. The power of the shoes turned her into stone. Other people who were watching this came and tried to throw the shoes away, only to be turned to stone as well. Somehow, that clap attracted all the bad people from the ball and from the boarding house and made them statues.
The girl woke up the next day, in her regular clothes, leaning on a tree. She decided to go home and eat something but the place was empty. She searched every room and saw that the pans were being heated, that beds were being made, yet nobody was there.
The castle was her next destination. On the way there, she saw statues and some looked familiar, but she thought it was her imagination that they resembles known people.
Arriving at the place, there were more statues, and among them were the shoes. She picked them up and noticed how dirty they became. A small fountain was near and she went there to wash them.
Suddenly, the small man appeared. He told her that all the people in the land had been turned to stone. Her reply was that it meant she was even lonelier now that everyone was gone. She could take those bad jokes, but at least she people with whom to talk to. Now that she was alone, she had nothing to do. The man thought that she wanted this and hoped that she would be happy, but seeing that she wasn't, he clapped his hands once and the girl became a statue. The end."

- Well, kids, did ya like it?
They were all looking at him with wide eyes.
- Daddy, said one of them, that was the most stupid story I ever heard. Now I can't go to sleep. Go away.
All three of them were pouting and the father had to leave, much to his dismay. As he closed the door, he thought "Maybe I should clap once and make them go away."