Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mute Dating (Not dating between mutes)

They spoke through text messages, discussing everything about their lives, guilty pleasures and preferences.
As it was bound to happen, they fell for one another and decided to meet face to face, for the first time, and see if they actually got along as well as through phone messaging. 
They met during a jovial evening, where fireworks were lit and sprung up in the sky, where kids and grandparents were laughing out loud, eating sweets and getting into rides, and all that warmth transposed itself unto them, unto their eyes and lips and gestures, yet, despite knowing what to say, they lacked to courage to do so.
In a spontaneous moment, he grabbed his cell phone from his pants pocket, opened it and texted her a message "Want to hold hands and go inside the fun park?" She smiled -a pretty smile, one that brightens your mood in an instant- and nodded, then came toward him and grabbed his hand; they were both smiling.
Once inside, the multitude of items they could buy or win, the multitude of rides they could enjoy, the multitude of... well, it overwhelmed them, so much so that she texted him a message, "Let's go to the horror house," he turned to her and  nodded.
Inside the spooky place they were both afraid -one of the dark, the other of the ghastly noises- and texted each other at the same time, using the other hand, then, upon reading the messages, they looked into each other's eyes and... they kissed; the tense situation was relieved from their bodies, and they were, once more, only smiles, with some giggles this time -"Thank you," she said, "You're welcome," he replied.