Thursday, 30 June 2016

Story #310 - Where's my phone? part 10

I didn't even know what to think when he said that. I felt my hands trembling and my eyes grow, filling all the whiteness with chestnut brown.
"So, mate?" James spoke as he stood up with blood covering his bearded mouth. 'I'm gonna be sick if he comes closer.'
"I don't have a problem with that, but you should be aware of the stench. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have been here."
"The only way to make it go away is to eat it." My stomach growls. "How's about you join us?"
Yeah, it growled for a different reason. "I don't think I'm ready for this. Not right now. I will come back, though. I need some fresh air."
"Listen, mate," one of the other guys said. "If you blab about it-"
"I know, I know. I don't want to be like the one on the ground, don't worry."
I turned around and walked back in the shop, then out of the shop. The zombies were still wandering aimlessly, touching shoulders and elbows with one another. I was hit, too. I was bounced back and forth, side to side, like a billiards ball on the edge. And I had had enough.
I managed to get out and the ball fell in the hole.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Story #309 - Where's my phone? part 9

"You fuckin' cannibals," is something I never thought I'd say, not even as a joke or to take the mick. "You're eating him up. What's wrong with you?"
In the back of the store, outside, hidden behind a concrete wall with no way to get out other than to jump out.
Doesn't anyone smell this stuff? The half-empty carcass with guts and intestines spilling out? Blood's flowing from everywhere, including their hands and mouths.
These guys, these three guys, armed with two kitchen knives that they probably used to use to carve and clean fish, are gutting up that poor man like they're in the jungle.
"You want to be next, mate? Huh? There's no food in this place. Whatever happened took away everything. We waited an hour for the delivery guy to arrive. We obviously couldn't call him. We had nothing, and we were starving."
"And this bastard? He started swearing at us to bring him the fish. First time I've laid eyes on him and he's this violent. Fuck's sake. So I tells him come in the back with me, you know, because we keep stuff in here, but he attacked me half-way through. James here kicked him in the face and knocked him out. Turns out it killed him. We've been wondering what to do with the body, and since we were pretty hungry, we..."
"Look, mate," says the first guy. "I know it's wrong, but we couldn't do anything about it. What, did you want us to tell the coppers about it? Screw that. We'd be in jail with a lot of guys, and everybody's killin' everybody right now. I don't want none of that."
"There's this one thing, though," James said. The sturdiest of them all. He looks like he could break through the wall. "We told you all this, and you can either keep yer mouth shut, or you can die right now. What'll it be, eh?"

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Story #308 - Where's my phone? part 8

Here I was, making my way through the vastness of the people, following an invisible, but distinct trail of foul smell.
I elbowed my way past a small shop called "Fishmongers", and managed to get in unscathed. The lights were out, yet there was a glimmer from the back, hidden behind the closed door.
'I blend in well with the darkness,' I thought, praising my colours as I ninja-ed myself through the unopened metal door.
The stench grew profusely with each step.
'This is unbearable. Can you pass out from such an odor? I hope not.'
I had to clasp my nostrils shut with my fingers and breathe through my mouth, and even that made it unbearable.
But I managed to make it out. And when I saw the light, I wish I hadn't.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Story #307 - Where's my phone? part 7

'Dressed in black, only eyes popping out, I'm sure I won't attract attention. Right? Then again, I've told this myself before and I haven't. Am I an attention-seeking whore? I'll have to think about it later.'
Somehow, I'm the only person inside that smells the stench, or is bothered by it. The shops that once were brimming with people, with mouthy salesmen, coquettish girls, and food as the eye could see, are now empty.
This is not good.
Yet the riot hasn't started. The buzzing disbanded group of zombies aren't doing anything about it. Aren't they hungry? I am famished. I could eat a couple of bowls of anything appealing. Is this how-
"There's a fight broken out outside."
It starts.
And yet, where's that stench coming from?
I'm getting to the bottom of that before I end up in the scuttle.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Story #306 - Where's my phone? part 6

I'm staring at this big pavilion where people roam in and out of.
'It's working, isn't it?' I mutter to myself with a finger on my chin. 'I bloody well hope so.'
Advancing, I look at peoples faces. I wish I didn't. I wish I had headphones and music, too. There's only so much swearing one can take before they would squirm to a cubbyhole for solitude.
I'm not easily swayed by bad language, but when I hear "fuck" and other variations every four words, I want some solace. I wasn't born in the docks or in the stands.
Still, I force myself to carry on.
The doors are wide open, held by rocks. Once in a while, some idiot trips on one. They don't look distressed, but simply careless. I'm surprised they don't want to strike it or yell and blame the bloodless thing.
Regardless, I go through these doors and a stench comes at me full throttle, making me tuck my nose under my black t-shirt.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Story #305 - Where's my phone? part 5

When that guy, who I assume is the Mayor, said that we can travel, almost everybody raised their hands or created murmur.
"Now, now, I know you all want to get out and see what is happening in the country right now, but we don't have that many vehicles. We need strong, young, men that can function without much sleep. We need vigorous people, and most of you are. Therefore, I will pick and choose."
Great. That means I'm out of it. The guy's far away, he doesn't see me, and not like I'm bulky or anything, either. I'm going home.
The commotion is still going on, and I think he chose a few guys since the cheers have started shuffling.
What to do now? I need food. Any shops open?
...nope. Not even pubs. Actually, they're not here anymore. Are we going to starve to death? Crap.
I never considered the dearth of this thing. Cannibalism? I hope not. I'd better check out the markets.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Story #304 - Where's my phone? part 4

I carried on, contemplating the facts of technology, along with a dozens and dozens of quiet zombies.
As we neared town hall, we noticed quite the big crowd.
"Could I have your attention, please?"
I heard it from afar, from a megaphone probably, yet I couldn't see the source.
"Alright, people. Please, calm down, so we can figure out the problems."
Buzzing and pushing were a constant. I don't understand people like that. Why must you be so restless instead of staying calm and hearing what the person has to say? Nothing good ever came from continuous stress, you pillocks.
"Can I talk now?" I still don't see him. "Thank you. Now, as you've probably noticed, all our technological devices, as well as our electricity and transport has disappeared. I don't know why it happened as we cannot communicate with other places to find out. However, our printing press can function through manual labor, whereas our shops can no longer function without power." Oh, dear. I sense a riot ensuing. "What? ... Oh, it appears that we have our old automobiles and phones still present. Therefore we can travel to find out what has happened."

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Story #303 - Where's my phone? part 3

After leaving that geezer behind, I walked. Weird saying that. I walked. I always take the bus or some other form of transport, yet now I see myself going on my two feet for longer than 500 metres. Feels like a chore that I don't necessarily want to take, yet I have to.
Come to think of it, I didn't check to see if I still had a fridge in the house. Have the shops evaporated, too?

A lot of people are taking my direction it seems. Nobody looks pleased.
However, I find it strange that most of them are quite calm. Finding your technological stuff missing one morning and not knowing why must come as a shock to everybody. I'm pretty sure some cowered away in their blankets. Those that don't care as much are laughing at us. They ought to be. Humanity has started to walk hunchbacked. Who knew involution would take this route?
But enough about philosophy. Come to think of it, I used to like it before I plugged headphones whenever I left the house.
Why did I change so much?

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Story #302 - Where's my phone? part 2

"There, that's better," I said to the mirror as I looked ready to go out and check the happenings.

Clothed with my regular black, no logo, t-shirt, assorted with the equally black, but skinny, trousers, going alongside a pair black shoes, I looked like I was going to a funeral. I'm sure someone will point out at me and say weird stuff. Hmm... If I'm thinking about that, it means I know something'll go down in the town. Should I change clothes? Nah! I'll be fine.

Stepped out my front door and saw people arguing. Stepped out my porch and clouds started gathering. Stepped out into the street and heard derogatory terms shouted in my direction. 'Blimey,' I thought. 'What did I do?'
I turned around and there was this old man of about 55-60, with hair barely standing between his ears and skull, wearing those round-shaped hippy-like glasses from decades ago, dressed in a suit.
"Oy, you fuckin' asshole."
I turned around to see if it was at me or not.
"Yeah. You!"
"Me, what? Why am I an asshole?"
"You stole my car."
I froze as my eyelids went to the sky and my forehead looked like sand dunes.
"Haha. Are you crazy? Look around you. Everybody lost their car. There are cables or telephone poles. Shit. I don't have my cell or my laptop in the home, but no, I stole your car, even though I just woke up."
"I don't have time for this, mate. I wanna see what's going on, and my guess is that the Mayor might know something."
Of course, he might not know anything, yet I bet that a lot of people are there. Worth a try.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Story #301 - Where's my phone? part 1

Woke up in the morning and saw the phone wasn't there. "Weird" I thought.
I snooped around through the sheets and I still couldn't find it.
Looked under the bed, searched under the mattress, as well as on its sides, without any luck.
I wanted to grab my watch to at least check the time, yet that was missing as well.
Laptop? Gone. Tablet? Vanished.
"What the heck is going on?" I stare around, then I rub my eyes, but nope. As I scratch my head, I figure I might as well wash my face and think about it clearly.
Although there's light from outside, I flicked the switch to see if it worked. It did not.
"Surely I'm not the only without technology around, right?"
As I think that, I hear noise from the streets. I open my window and peak through it. Turns out, all the cars have vanished, too. Not only that, but the poles along with the cables as well.
"I wonder what people are making out of this? Where could I get information about this? Are we going back to the stone age?"
I had weird thoughts, however, I needed to wash my face first.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Story #300 - The serenity of travel

Ah, travelling... That place where you spend time in a not so comfortable entrapment filled with strangers, who usually, out of respect for others, tend to be calm and quiet. In other words, considerate and proper.

As it happened, my headphones went kaput and I was left tending to the silence of the road, the occasional bump in the road, and the flush of the loo.
Things were okay, until I heard this fly-like murmur from the back. I kept turning my head, trying to find the problem, always missing it. Then, I pretended to go to the loo with hopes. They were fulfilled.

Two girls occupied four chairs while others sat like sardines. They were friends,  and were talking quite loudly to one another, making everybody hear their conversation, unless they had working ear mufflers.
I wanted to go over and tell them to shut up, but they stopped buzzing.
When it happened, the serenity returned. I enjoyed the rest of my trip afterwards.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Story #299 - So much bread

Just imagine being in a room locked up with the freshest and nicest bread the world has to offer, and you can't indulge yourself too much or your trousers won't fit you any longer.
But is it really worthwhile to consider your waist when you have gooey goodness slithering in front of your irises, growing the hair follicles on your body, and making your jaw drop with spit like you've seen the tastiest thing ever?
Pretzels, croissants, bagels, donuts, pizza...oh, that's not exactly a bread. Doesn't matter. Like they have bread filled with cheese, olives, jalapenos, and who knows what else, so is pizza a bread. It's like an open calzone, without closure.
Breads make the world go around, at least in the western part of Earth, and wheat is the base for 95% of them, with the five percent coming from the last five or so years, after they, the powers that be, decided to give something to the gluten intolerant people, too. How kind.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Story #298 - Cracked my trousers

"What happened?"
"I bent with these heavy stacks, and my trousers cracked open just there."
"Oh...right. So what you gonna do now?"
"I don't know. Can you see it?"
"Umm, no, not really,, it's fine. Maybe if you squat... Yeah, you can see a bit there, but that's it. Not much. You'll be fine."
"Jesus. This is the literal way of helping and then getting hit by something. Must be what some people feel later in life when they regret giving a hand."
"You regret it? They're simply trousers."
"They are, but I still have to spend money to buy new ones."
"True. It is a pain in the backside. I think you can sow them up. Won't look the same, yet it might work."
"I'll see. For now, let's pretend nothing happened."

Friday, 17 June 2016

Story #297 - Slimming camp

"Do you reckon this guy will make us slim down?"
"Nothing will make me lose weight. I don't have the will for it anymore."
"Yeah, I feel the same."
A short pause as the Bootcamp guy steps in front of the self-confessed overweight fellows.
"Alright. Are you ready for that beach body?"
"Good. I know you love to eat. I do, too. But there's a difference between what I eat, and what you eat."
"Next thing you'll tell us to is to eat fruit."
"I'm quitting."
"You're not getting a refund."
"Okay, I'll stick around."
That would make people laugh anywhere, apart from here, where crickets were still given.
For every ten push-up that you do, you're allowed a piece of regular fruit, and by regular, I don't dipped in yogurt, caramelized, fried, or some other fancy schmancy thing you guys got going on. I mean a regular one. And, if you really crave that horse manure junk food, you can have some...once you give me one hundred push-ups."
"That's just not fair."
"It's your money. Shouldn't have entered if you think that. Now start pushing and stop flapping."

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Story #296 - Aliens amongst us

Plenty of people go on saying that if aliens were to invade us, we'd show them who's boss.
While that is debatable, we are aliens amongst ourselves.
Everybody has a different belief, different vision, different perception regarding the well-being of life.

If you go by religion and religious people, men and women have to be straight, women have to obedient to the man, and they are not allowed to go over his word. Also, everybody that happens and will happen, it'll be because of a deity, depending on which religion you follow. That's the cool thing about it. The indoctrination differs from continent to continent, and country to country. Heck, from area to area. And some countries want to be blessed by that deity more than others. Probably why they're losing their minds.

If you go by race, white people think they can rule everyone by virtue of... Europe? Because they have the most documented things whereas Africans don't, and Asians are in the East, so they don't matter as much. As they speak that weird language, too. That is, until the last twenty odd years, when some of them have gained some clout. Or have been allowed to gain it. Hispanics haven't gained much of it, unless they were born in specific white countries.

If you go by politics, you have right and left wing, and then you have extremists, who, some of them, are still led by religious beliefs. Others believe in certain regimes, like communism, stalinism, or nazism...

The Earth is round, but there are plenty who still believe it's flat.
People are homosexual, transexual, and a few other sexual, yet the general population thinks they're defective, mentally ill, and some think they deserve to die.
Society wants you to look good, have a toned body, and work like a robot, but then it created fast food, junk food, bad food, and it pushes it to the point where you don't know what to do anymore. Perceived flavour versus actual taste and actual nutrients. Hard decisions that make your tire before you end up doing more worthwhile things.

Before we conquer planets, we should find peace between us.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Story #295 - Today. I'm going to do it today.

Oh, god. She just stepped inside the shop and my heart is pounding. I know she'll talk to me. I know I'll act like before. But to change, dammit. I have to ask her.
Good thing I can act normal while this circus is going in my head, otherwise I'd be out of a job faster than you can open an automatic door.
"Hi," Gulp. Here she is, in front of me, with her radiant smile that belongs on TV.
"Hey. Haven't seen you recently." Nine days to be precise. Her red locks are still as silky as ever. Straight hair sure looks great on her.
"Yeah, well, I have some issues. I'm here now, though." Yes, you are.
"Oh, I hope they're being sorted."
"Eh..." Crap. I made her look back in anger.
"So, umm, what would you like?"
"A cider is fine today."
I go away as the tap is so far pushed in the back of the bar that it's basically a different bar altogether. Might as well give it a new name, but the manager doesn't want to. "Pay more taxes," he says. I turned around and facepalmed myself afterward. Didn't think he'd be lacking in the humour department.
Getting back to present, I bring her her pint in less than a minute.
"That was fast."
"It flows well. Four pounds, please."
"Here you go." She hands me a fiver. I put it through the till.
"Say," I go as I give her the pounds change. "Would you like to go out sometimes?"
Her face goes numb, as if she had been thunderstuck. "I, well, I have someone in my life. But thanks for thinking of me. I'm sure you'll find that person you're searching for." She smiled as she put the pound in her wallet, then nabbed the pint and went off, off, off into the wilderness.
Me? I felt awkward for the next hour or so. Ain't that a bitch?

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Story #294 - The baker and the narrator

There was once this girl that loved to bake.
And like any other girl that loved to bake, she made pretzels that looked like half-open bananas, donuts that were half ring, half full, if that makes any sense.
But most of all, she enjoyed making scones. Dinky ones, plump ones, oddly-shaped ones, burnt ones-
"Hey, you're making me look bad."
"It's not my problem that you have a weird sense."
"You can omit stuff, you know. You're the narrator."
After hearing that, she stormed off, slamming the kitchen door after her.
"I'll make something even you'll enjoy."
"Like I care what you make. I'm just telling the story."

Time passed, two days to be precise, and she wounded up curled on the sofa, under a blanket, TV set to white fuzz as she forgot to pay the cable.
I should feel guilty for how I told her story, yet I'm not. Does that make me, the narrator, a bad guy?

Monday, 13 June 2016

Story #293 - Apologize, dammit

"Hey, mate."
"How's about you apologize?"
"Never seen you in my life. What's there to apologize about."
"You bumped into me and spilled my drink."
"Oh, that it? If you wouldn't be all over the place, I wouldn't have touched you. Look around. Everybody's standing chill, grouped, while you and your lot are spread everywhere. Why do you make it harder for people to move around, huh?"
"Apologize, mate."
"Apologize. Now!"
"Haha. How's about you take a hike before you embarrass yourself?"
"Apologize, mate."
"Bye bye."
"Let go of my shoulder."
"I said let go."
"Say you're sorry."
"Fine. I'm sorry I couldn't avoid you."
"That's not good enough."
"Best you're gonna get from me."
"Do we have a problem here, gents?"
"Now the bouncer's here because of your hand on my shoulder. This guy was moving all over the place, and I had to go to the other side. There was no evading him, as much as I tried, and I bumped into him a little. Now his drink's spilled a little."
"A little? More like half."
"Alright, alright. I'll talk to the bartender, while you two break it up, okay?"
"Fine by me."

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Story #292 - That moment

It was at that exact point in time that Sean realized he fucked up.
"Well?" Marie said with her sassy, resting bitch face voice.
"What?" The culprit kept his firm and cocky nature.
"Nah. I'm fine, thanks."
"That's not a request."
"Is it a plea?" A big smile rises on the male's face as he shoves it into the woman's.
"Do you have a death wish?"
"If I do, who will make it come true?"
She held her silence.
"What I thought so. I'm a bad, bad, man, and there's nothing you can do about it."
Seeing him strut around, her switch flicked.
She grabbed him by the collar and whacked over the chin.
"What's that, champ?"
"I'm sorry." Sean's cheeks moved like a river about to meet the waterfall.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Story #291 - Cafe Blaggers

Lurking about on the streets, not knowing what to do with myself, if I'm hungry or simply bored, I pass by this dinky little corner shop. Well, more like a cafe than a shop. Four tables and ten chairs outside, a couple of umbrellas, and an advert on every piece. "Blaggers, because we're honest." Knowing some basic slang, I couldn't help but laugh.
I approach the window to glance at the menu. Stuff that everyone has, like chicken, beef, pork, and the newer veggie sandwich. The only difference between them is the meat or lack thereof, which is a tad shocking considering you're paying five pounds (three for the simpler one) for a mini baguette cut in half, spread around with salad, a couple slices of tomatoes, pickles, and the occasional sauce like salsa, mayo, mustard, ketchup, or guacamole. Yep, only one. At least they're honest about it.
Next down the menu is the mains. "Fishin' chips," which I'm guessing is a new take on the classic, alongside the "Coleslawed chicken breasts." That definitely costs more than the drumsticks or wings.
And their third main is salad with croutons. They're really taking the piss; makes me smile.
Of course, there's the desert, chocolate ice cream.
As I keep staring at this thing, a hand is waving from behind it. I blink and turn my eyes towards the moving skin. It's a girl inviting me in. "Huh?" I go in my head.
I'm thinking about it for a second or two, then I shake my head and walk away. Weirdo!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Story #290 - Back in the day #transport

Back in the day, when you didn't have these technological advancements where you can make money through various online ways, people, especially those in more remote places, had to take the train every time they went to work. And that train ride took them at least a couple of hours. Not that their home was that far from the respective location, but the speed with which the transport moved made one grow old and sick.
The hinges could be felt, going "clunk-clunk-clunk" after it started rolling the engine.
More often than not, there was a particular question going on. "Will I survive the trip? Will it break in half? Will my children be alright?" A particular long one, okay. But that's how it blurted within the passenger's cranium.
Back in the day, when you had bigger chances of not coming home from a failed engine than being hit by a car or shot by a gun.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Story #289 - Playing video games

Often times, people will question those that spend their time playing a game instead of doing something productive.
In some aspect, that is true, as not everyone can make money off of a game if they don't use streaming sites and such, but, playing them improves the player.
They learn that patience is a virtue.
They learn how to play in a team, how to command, how to take a bullet.
They learn how to get frustrated and come back for more.
They learn how to think differently. Like in chess.
They also learn how to have fun in a different way, with strangers (or alone).
Video games, while some shun them, some say they're for children, or for those who don't have their heads on their shoulders, but spending time watching a sports match, watching the flavour of the month in movies, reading drivel magazine and boring social media posts that add nothing to your life, is definitely more worth it, right?

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Story #288 - An eating man's workout

One push-up, two push-ups, three...hghghgh...barely did it.
I can already feel the muscles tingling. My biceps are twitching, my lower back is burning, and my knees are pretty much rock-solid. If someone were to touch me, I'd crumble to the ground like a bucket of bolts.
Now to eat. I've had exactly 55 seconds of workout today, which is 15 longer than yesterday, when I did the same three, but faster.
I feel like the strongmen, even though I'm a stickman.
Three more tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and I'm all set to get into the Olympics at lifting.
Now to eat those two pizzas I couldn't finish from yesterday.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Story #287 - All downbord!

Oh, wow. We've reached our destination. A new shiny city, where everything looks like a normal place that you'd expect, apart from this luster that's coming from the sun's rays. Damn. Should've brought sunglasses.
As we're all waiting to leave this train, going into a single file between chair rows as if we're going to get stamped and we've turned a blind eye to the pain, yet everyone seems to have a smile.
When there's a gap between people, the ones that are waiting, still on the chairs, jump in to fill them back. Cement trucks would be jealous.
Fortunately, we're not sardined in, but there might be a chance for that if someone's too eager.
Until then, we all have to pretend the downboarding is the best thing around and not show our sorrow.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Story #286 - Bootcamp argument

"Drop and give me fifty, maggot."
"Sir, no, sir."
"There is no no in bootcamp, maggot. Now give me fifty."
"No, sir."
"Dammit. I'm not telling you, I'm ordering you to give me fifty."
"No, sir."
"Why not, you worm bastard?"
"Because I'm not strong enough. And stop talking to me like that."
"You need discipline, punk."
"I won't get anything if you go about it like that."
"You'll get something."
"I will. The desire to deck you."
"Ohhohohohoh. Think you can take me, huh?"
"I don't know if I will take you, but I will try to take you, and if I do, I want you to give me fifty."
"Hah. Get ready, peachfuzz. It's about to be serious."

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Story #285 - Desolate places

There are cities in the world, doesn't matter if the countries are big or small, what does is how these particular locations are so uninhabited, so unloved, yet they still have something unique, something quaint.
Not many people live there, but those five that do look after the vegetation, the roads, the housing, the animals, the money, and the culture. Quite a lot, I know.
There's always that why. Why stay? Why do it? Why are you so crazy?
The answer is simple.
Fewer people, less drama. Fewer people, less noise. Fewer people, more of a home. Fewer people, well...
Plus that added bonus of a smile from a tourist. That will get to anyone's heart. If they have it.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Story #284 - It's okay. Once more.

I'm sure every person who has started something, or wanted to do something, has told themselves at least once, that today was the last time they were going to do that particular bad habit.
And days passed, and they did it again. And again. So much for last time, right?
Addiction, regardless of the object, isn't a good thing, yet, sometimes, there is no helping thyself. Going crazy is standard.
There are rare occasions when a person is asked for a hand, or an institution, or worse, family. If the foresight is there in order to notice that, then the battle might be won.
If people force themselves upon thee, and drive the person away, the showdown has been lost.
But what if there is no one there, no will to get anyone, no desire to move forward, no demeanor for improvement?
The world goes sadder by the way at the lack of smiles on its surface. And that's not healthy. Not healthy at all.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Story #283 - Today's life

Ah, those were the days before technology came this advanced.
You went outside and there were no people with wires sticking out of their ears.
No people hunched back, staring at a lit screen, trying to wiggle their fingers while they make the effort to walk and pay attention at the environment at the same time.
You used to hear laughter and cackles, jokes and bad puns, all coming about in the spirit of "I don't got anything else to do with my time."
Now, you stay secluded in your room, eating bad food on a weekly basis, watching the flavor of the month in TV, all the while adding nothing significant to your life.
But hey, it's enjoyable, and it's not the hurting anyone else, so why change?

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Story #282 - We goin' out

"Yo, Sally, we goin' out tonight."
"Huh? It's Thursday, you lummox. We've school tomorrow."
"So? No important classes goin' on. 'Sides, we can always get that damn jellyfish, Curtis, to give his notes."
"Settles it."
"Wait! I don't wanna go out tonight. I still have my hoework. I meant home-"
"Hoework is right. Get out of those pajamas and put on that yellow satin dress, and let's hit the streets."
"Nuh-uh. I need make-up, a new hairstyle-"
"Want me to slap the shit outta ya right now?"
"No. You look fine. Let's go."
"Fine. It'll take a while until I get ready, though."
"Just move your ass."
"So pushy..."

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Story #281 - What do you want to be when you grow up?

"Well, children, what do you want to be when you're older?"
"I want to be a nurse because I like to help people."
"Very nice, but you should know it doesn't pay well. Anyone else?"
"I want to be a teacher like you."
"Admirable, darling, but you might get disappointed easily."
"I want to be a footballer."
"In the Premier League?"
"You better hope so, otherwise you won't make enough money."
"Teacher, why are you so upset?"
"The world isn't fair, love, and it gets you down sometimes. I'm down, too."
"Oh, don't worry, teacher. I'll write you a story and you'll feel better after you read it."
"Thanks. Then I'll get back to reality."