Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Story #287 - All downbord!

Oh, wow. We've reached our destination. A new shiny city, where everything looks like a normal place that you'd expect, apart from this luster that's coming from the sun's rays. Damn. Should've brought sunglasses.
As we're all waiting to leave this train, going into a single file between chair rows as if we're going to get stamped and we've turned a blind eye to the pain, yet everyone seems to have a smile.
When there's a gap between people, the ones that are waiting, still on the chairs, jump in to fill them back. Cement trucks would be jealous.
Fortunately, we're not sardined in, but there might be a chance for that if someone's too eager.
Until then, we all have to pretend the downboarding is the best thing around and not show our sorrow.

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