Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Adrian N. George - My London debut @ Political Pageantry

I know I haven't written anything, but that will change from now on, as I will focus more on writing about my growing career in London.

Political Pageantry was an event that happened on the 20th of October at the Old Red Lion Theatre. The second edition will happen on the 3rd of November.

I really didn't know what to expect of this, since I had to write about politics, and I get quite vehement about the subject. (who doesn't?)

I submitted an idea, and I ended up doing that idea, but with different words.
Basically, my performance was about 4 colours, 3 of which want to rule a notepad (don't make googly eyes, it makes sense).
I won't detail everything as I'll make a future post with the video.

But let me tell you the happenings. I had written something, but it wasn't that great. That night, suffering through some belly pain, I had an epiphany about the piece, hence the colours.
So I wrote it down and was quite pleased. This was Friday. I didn't touch it in the weekend due to a lack of time.

Monday came. I had plenty of time, yet I didn't know how to get at it and rehearse. Before I knew it, I had to leave for the event.
I grabbed a notepad, a pen, and rewrote the whole thing in the Tube going there (about 20 minutes). With a few more touches in the theatre, I made it quite good. On paper.
I forgot a few key things during my performance, and I was nervous as well. I was about to choke at one point. Good thing it didn't happen. Hopefully never will.

The theatre reminded me of Podul (The Attic) where I had been trained in the performing arts.
It was small, coquetish, but unlike the aforementioned place, there were stands for people, on 3 levels, which reminded me of outside theatre, in parks, where there are those 20 level stands.

I know. I'm quite sketchy.
The other performers were wonderful. The compere was great (with some of the best hair I've seen), and overall, the event was a success.

Oh, and in case you're wondering why the name change, it's simple. Catchy, easy to say, as well as an alter ego.