Saturday, 7 January 2012

The run

During a stormy morning, Johnny was running. Not from anyone, but for his health as he was a professional runner. He ran every morning, the only exceptions were when he happened to not be at home for the night.
In this particular run, he felt a sudden rush which spurred his run. However, there was a dog prowling around; a vicious dog.
As he ran on the street, stepping on small ponds, the dog sniffed him and started running towards him.
Jumping over a small fence, the dog nearly bit his hand, but touched his shirt instead.
The ferocious one stopped with his mission accomplished.
Johnny ran home as fast as he could, took a shower and had a little shiver.
He vowed to take revenge on the mutt, even though he had nothing around the house.

The next morning, he ran the same course. Expecting the dog, with a solution in store.
When he showed, fireworks started to blow.
He had seven in his hands and pressed one each time to scare the dog away. He managed to do just that, leaving a pile of trash behind.
Arriving home and entering the bathroom, said to himself. "Now that's one dog that won't give me any mess."

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


It was a dark day. The clouds were everywhere and nobody seemed to mind the coming rain.

Yule, a shy kid from the neighborhood was having a blast actually, because, usually, when it rained, most people went inside, except for him and a couple of other shy ones.

One of the reasons he was so timid was because of his name.
He couldn't quite understand why his parents gave him that odd calling card.

His only friends were the other shy ones and they had a great time, on occasion.
However, today will not be one of those times.

Just as Yule was going to get out of the house, somebody screamed at him to watch out. His reflexes weren't so quick, therefore, he got hit in face with a baseball, knocking a couple of teeth out.

Yule fell to the ground and started crying. The person that threw the ball started laughing hard, while the one that shouted ran away, half laughing, half embarrassed.
Eventually, the one that threw hid somewhere, whilst looking like a tomato.

Yule, who had blood on his chin, crawled inside the house.
Seeing as he was all alone and with a terrible pain, he wondered what to do.
Thinking of calling some of his friends for help, reconsidered since he could barely talk. His parents were at work.

First thing he did what to go to the bathroom and wash his face.
After that, he picked up a glass and put some aspirin in it.
With his teeth in his hand, he put them under his pillow and went to sleep, despite the fact that it was 5 pm.

He woke up the next day to find that other teeth started growing in those places and that under his pillow was a dollar.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

It doesn't matter how you look

- I can't go out looking like this. said Claire.
- Why not? asked John.
- Don't you know how my face, my legs, my body is, it's like I'm one of those little spiral things or whatever you call them, where the upper and lower portion is big and the middle in absent.
- But yours isn't.
- Yeah, but it's very small.
- Hey, would you rather not fit through the door?
- Well, no.
- Then, shut up and come outside already.
- Okay, but if somebody laughs, I'll... I'll...
- Nobody will laugh, now come on.
- Fine. "Takes three steps from behind the changing cabin"
- My, my, you do look stunning. What do you guys think?
- Yeah, she does. said Michael.
- Honey, if I wouldn't know you, I'd marry you in a jiffy. pointed out Clive.
- Oh, shut up Clive, you're making me blush.
- Now can we go outside, Claire? asked John.
- Okay.

As the four of them were on the streets, somebody started laughing, then people stared with their fingers pointed at her.
Claire was feeling under the weather because of this, but the guys made her feel at ease. However, somebody came near them and yelled at her "You fat cow".
This made her cry and she ran back home, despite what the guys were trying to do.

- See, that's why I didn't want to go outside, because I'm hideous.
- Shhh, honey, people don't know what true fashion is. Just because we're different doesn't mean we can't wear clothes. said Clive.
- I'll fix you up some ice cream to get back to your senses for tonight when we'll go and party in the club. said Michael.
- Okay, those people understand us.

Monday, 2 January 2012

A new year

Right, now that the new year has passed, I can get back on track with my writing.
Yesterday I arrived pretty late but I still managed to write 750 words, which made my first chapter of my first novel, although it's unsatisfactory, but it's a good start, and one that will keep me writing for the whole month, at least 750 words a day, until I reach my 20k goal for this novel.

I enjoyed the party that happened during these two days, but I hope I can enjoy this month more.
It will be pretty hectic, but that's what I like.