Saturday, 7 January 2012

The run

During a stormy morning, Johnny was running. Not from anyone, but for his health as he was a professional runner. He ran every morning, the only exceptions were when he happened to not be at home for the night.
In this particular run, he felt a sudden rush which spurred his run. However, there was a dog prowling around; a vicious dog.
As he ran on the street, stepping on small ponds, the dog sniffed him and started running towards him.
Jumping over a small fence, the dog nearly bit his hand, but touched his shirt instead.
The ferocious one stopped with his mission accomplished.
Johnny ran home as fast as he could, took a shower and had a little shiver.
He vowed to take revenge on the mutt, even though he had nothing around the house.

The next morning, he ran the same course. Expecting the dog, with a solution in store.
When he showed, fireworks started to blow.
He had seven in his hands and pressed one each time to scare the dog away. He managed to do just that, leaving a pile of trash behind.
Arriving home and entering the bathroom, said to himself. "Now that's one dog that won't give me any mess."

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