Monday, 30 November 2015

Story #97 - From Black Friday to Cyber Monday

Late November. A period where it is wise to do your Christmas shopping. A period that surfaced ten years ago, and it's the gift you didn't want, but now it keeps on giving.
Year after year, paycheck after paycheck, item after item. You end up buying stuff that you never thought about, that you never wanted, and that made put your hands on your head.
then you go through December hoping you won't have to go anywhere because you can't afford it. Mooching off people for a pint or five. Some of you may be used to that through cigarettes. I don't blame you. They're expensive, and ultimately not worth it. Also, thumbs up for sharing, like we used to when we were small.
And alas, when the clock hits midnight, and the deals have finished, you go through your purchased items and figure out that you actually have enough for a bottle from the store. Fun times ensue.
Goodbye Black Friday. Goodbye Cyber Monday. Hello Tuesday Brewsday.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Story #96 - Getting into the festive mood

"You know, we have been planning on doing the Christmas decorations tonight, and everyone has agreed to help out. Why don't you want to do it?"
"I hate all that merry stuff."
"You can plug in your headphones and listen to whatever you want, and still help out."
"Then I can't hear anyone's directions."
"Use one ear."
"I won't hear my tunes properly."
"You know what? We have enough people. We will have a nice Christmas party, and we won't invite you."
"That's okay. I'd just spoil the mood."
"Because you'd complain about the music?"
"I don't know. I guess it's not in my nature to be nice."
"Pish-posh. You can be nice. You don't want to be, so you adopt this persona."
"Now go outside, clear your mind, and figure out if you want to give us a hand."
"Okay. I'll how I can annoy you with a different style... What's that glare about? I thought that was funny."

Friday, 27 November 2015

Story #94 - Staying over

"Hey, Frank. Great I caught you. My friend will spend the night over, if that's alright."
"Sure." I said and smiled. In my head I was going differently. And I wanted to find out.
"So, any plans for tonight?"
"I'm not sure. How come you're not going out? That's a change of pace."
"I know. I feel weird being home on Friday night. I have alcohol, and it'll all be fine. We'll be having a slumber party. I'd invite you along, but we might be too wild for you."
"Oh, really? Do I seem that..."
"You are a wallflower. You analyze stuff. You are shy."
"There's nothing wrong with that."
"And I went to parties with alcohol. I got drunk a couple of times."
"Hahaha. Even so, you're not like me."
"Probably not."
"You can come if you want to."
"We'll see. She's your friend. I'm sure you want to catch up. I'll be in the way."
"We talk daily."
"Do I have to dress more like I'm going out?"
"I'd say you should wear something other than this stained t-shirt and those shorts. You're not going to the park or to the bin."
"Right. You're making me feel like I'm on a date."
"You're not. There's no pressure. If there is and you can't handle it, then don't come. Or come and get laughed at. If you care about it."
Damn. Where did that come from? "If I'm not too busy I'll come."

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Story #93 - This Black Friday thing

"OMG. It's Black Friday. I have to buy."
"Why do you have to buy? Do you need a TV that desperately, or a new phone, or some clothes?"
"Well, no, but they're on sale."
"Just because it says sale on them doesn't mean you have to pounce on everything."
"It's a pretty good sale, though."
"There'll be a sale for Christmas, one for the January period, something else in March, then there's the summer sale, you get an Autumn sale, and then you're back to Black Friday."
"Er...yeah, but there are still pretty good deals now. And besides, you buy now for Christmas, and for Christmas you can only buy food, a tree maybe, and that's about it, right? I mean, if you spend your cash on Black Friday, you should buy toys and whatnot if you have who to give them to, right?"
"Yes. Are you going to do that?"
"I only have myself. Alcohol tends to be cheaper on Christmas, so I'll figure about that when the time comes."
"In order words, you'll go poor and enjoy it. Actually no. You'll buy a bunch of stuff you don't care about, get bored of them after a week, and then ask someone to borrow some money from them to have a few pints."
"You know me so well."

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Story #92 - Let's be reasonable, okay?

"For the past week I've been waking up with some pain, and whenever I look I see bite marks."
"Big? Small?"
"Tiny. I'd show you, but I can't undress in the pub."
"I see. It's near that area. Whoever's biting you must like it if they keep coming back."
"It's my kneecap, idiot. Always thinking filthy stuff."
"I like to wind you up. Seems to work every time. Anyway, getting back to our spots, do they sting?"
"No. They're just there, red and a little swollen."
"You probably have a meddlesome spider in your crib."
"I haven't seen anything."
"Try to sleep in a different place if you can, or dress differently when going to bed."

"I did what you asked me and my bite marks have increased, and not only that, but I have more swollen parts."
"Then you should go see a doctor and call in the exterminator."
"That's drastic."
"Do you have any better ideas?"

"I went to the doctor's office. She definitely said it's from a spider and gave me an ointment."
"What about the exterminator?"
"He's coming by later."

"How did you sleep?"
"I woke up without any new marks, so the guy did the job good."
"Did he tell you anything?"
"That there was a spider's nest in the bathroom."
"And you didn't see that how?"
"It was hidden under something. He himself told me he didn't see it at first."
"Uh-huh. I hope you're taking measures now."
"Oh. I have to? I thought they're vanquished for good."

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Story #91 - Not just another girl (poem)

Oh, I just saw
the most beautiful girl
in the world.

Don't believe me?
Don't have to.
But here's how you might.

A rave and grave blond
that paints the sides of her hair
while the middle part,
the roots, you know
are like chestnuts.
Together they form
this symbiotic element
that comes down on her figure.
It makes her radiate,
It makes her shine,
It makes her want to fall in love with her
multiple times.

She has a mole
near her nose.
Oh, boy, does it work
like a match three game.

Then we go to her lips
plump and meaty
would look good with anything on
but better with it off.

Down below,
not that far, though,
we have her chin
and it's a feast
for the sight,
for the taste,
for the touch,
for the noise, too.

Don't think I forgot about her
beast feature.
Those little white and blue balls
that stick out like 3d movies.
You look at them and
can't help but get stuck in them.
They aren't the ocean,
they are the Milky Way,
the endless happenings in your life,
the reason guys like girls.

I know.
My words aren't good.
Can never be that good.
Yet I try.
What have I got to lose?

Monday, 23 November 2015

Story #90 - Punctuality, or lack thereof

"You're late."
"I am. Indeed. Only five minutes, though."
"That doesn't matter. You're late."
"I get that. I'm sorry. It couldn't be helped."
"Do you realize how important this is?"
"I do."
"Yet you couldn't be on time."
"Do you have any excuse?"
"I'm afraid not. Nothing justifiable, at least."
"Do you find it reasonable to be late?"
"Not really. I simply have a habit of doing. It's not something I go out of my way to do. I don't like upsetting people. However, I do sense that we are on bad terms right now, and I can understand that perspective, but it's a bit too much regardless of what kind of meeting it is. Some people are punctual, some are not."
"Delaying matters is not good."
"Neither is talking idly and pointing the finger. It creates a vaster negative environment. And I wouldn't have expected such from a person like yourself."

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Story #89 - That moment when you say something

When a girl you know, whom it's safe to say you're more than acquaintances, has given you a glare that says something along the likes of "I'm a woman. Don't you dare make me mad or I'll fuck you up. If I ask you for something, you say yes, not make a shitty joke nobody else laughs at. Alright?"
When you see that kind of face, there's only one thing to do, and that's not to do another joke, like I did.
After I said "What a scary face you're making. You should be the next Boogeyman." She approached me with her figure, her eyelids halfway open, her lips thrust downward, her cheeks tense, almost noticing teeth clenching and sawing one another, like lumberjacks do to trees.
I faked a smile to hide my sense of fear. Next thing I know I have my face turned to the right with a gradual burst of fiery heat grappling my left cheek. I put my fingers to that area and notice a chewy softness I didn't know they had.
I looked back at her. The glare was different. It said "You no longer know me. Leave my sight." I did, massaging my jowl with a round motion seen only in karate window cleaner kids.
I felt bad, although I don't know why. She wasn't like this before. I wonder what changed.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Story #88 - Teacher's hot

"Yo. Have you seen the hottie in our class?"
"The one sitting at the desk?"
"Yeah. She look young, right?"
"Damn straight. She what, 23? She closer to our age than all those geezers who teach us."
"You wanna do som'thin'?"
"What you havin' in mind?"
"Just a bit of fun. Come on."

"Yo, Miss teacher, lookin' mighty fine today."
"Thank you. Are you in this classroom?"
"Am I in this classroom? She askin' if I am here. Did ya hear that?"
"Are you?"
"I am the classroom."
"What's your name?"
"How come nobody is talking about you, Emmanuel?"
"They scared, Miss. They scared of my greatness."
"Oh, and how are you so great?"
"If you'd go out with me, you'll find out."
"I'm sure you're a nice boy, and that you know how to treat a girl right, but I don't date my students."
"Even if you'll be here only for today?"
"You're afraid. Is that it?"
"Afraid of what?"
"I'm such a real man and that scares you."
"You know, it actually does. I wouldn't want to act like a schoolgirl to my mature student. I would be embarrassed if I were to be at school the next day. I would have to change my job."
"Damn. I never thought about that. I'm sorry."

"You said we gonna have some fun. What was that?"
"Shut up. Let's pick on someone."

Friday, 20 November 2015

Story #87 - A poem for the world

Don't you find it funny
how we wait for bad things to happen
so we can share our humanity?

Don't you find it funny
that without evil
everybody would be like a zombie?

Don't you find it funny
how arrogant we are to one another
based on our attire?

Don't you find it funny
that unless it's your birthday
people don't call and tell you 
to have a great day?

Don't you find it funny
how we keep afloat
through drugs, booze, and fat?
Don't you find it funny
that the things left unsaid to your family
will live with you in regret?

Don't you find it funny
how we go in bouts of depression
only to see that we hide from our fruition?

Don't you find it funny
that as children
we want to be adults
but as grown-ups 
we need to feel young again?

Don't you find it funny
how the good news 
is always
overshadowed by the bad?

Don't you find it funny
that we disallow ourselves
the pleasure of smiling everyday?

Picture copyrighted by Sam Hollingsworth. 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Story #86 - A train story (final part)

I inched my way back to my compartment, still crawling, still afraid to attract attention. Then I reached my place. I stood up, felt tall like a lion on two paws, like how I was before she came into my life.
I jump-kicked the door away, after four hits. The first one was the loudest and the one that filled me the most with adrenaline. I used to enjoy the feeling. Growing old is probably what happened.
As I stepped inside the narrow wooden lane, I could hear all the other knobs turn. I grabbed my coat and I dashed. On my way towards the toilet I bumped into some people, while others from the back yelled at me, and I couldn't care less. 
I neared the wagon's exit, grabbed the handle with my hands and pushed it open. 
The wind was blowing heavily across my face.
"Blimey. I need to jump now."
I blinked once and heave-hoed myself outside like a maniac. I wasn't thinking about anything at this point, and when I heard a "Stop!" in mid-air, I wanted to turn around. That was impossible, however, I wish I wouldn't have jumped. 
My feet smashed the hilly ground, went sideways like a fork that prickled metal, and my body fell backwards. I hit the back of my head hard and turned unconscious.
When I woke up, I heard the trembled voices of someone. My eyes refused to open. I felt something watery on them.
I mumbled something.
"It's okay. You'll be fine. Don't move. Don't open your eyes. You had an accident."
"I couldn't feel my body. I played cocky for once in my life. How did it end so badly? No. How did it end? I wanted a bit of fun. Now I might die. Oh, I wish I...

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Story #85 - A train story (part 7)

I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a lot of blood inside. The patch from my nose that laid on portions of the cushions, as well as the floor, made me wonder how much I lost.
Even I hit him in the face, there was, still, a big puddle right on the floor.
I wanted to open the door to get inside, but it was locked.
"Curses," I ruffled under my breath. I had to grab my coat.
I had to think what to do. My eyes lit up in an instant.
I crawled back to the loo and knocked on the door.
"It's me," I whispered. "Open up."
Seeing as there was no reply, I pressed the knob slightly and the it opened. She wasn't inside.
A cold, anxious sweat came over me. My eyes grew, my nose dripped red, my fingers turned blue.
I didn't know what to do at this point, other than go back to the room, break in, and flee.
Which wasn't such a bad idea, after all.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Story #84 - A train story (part 6)

The first train stop came and went. We stood there like a couple of scared teenagers. Afraid we might get caught by the higher powers and we wouldn't know what to do, to say. We were together, like a symbiotic body that thought of only one thing at a time, that moved in only one direction at a time, that said only one word at a time. However, we simply hummed. A melancholic hum that could give the namesake bird a competitor.
The train was moving with a steady speed. The dub-dub noises the wheels were making on the rails started to annoy me. I wanted out.
"Listen. I think it's time to get our stuff and move."
"I need to pee."
"Okay. I'll get my gear, while you wait here."
She winked. I smiled. Then I opened the door and peaked out.
The coast was clear.
I took a few steps out of the commode and she slammed the door behind me. You could hear the echo go far and away. I was afraid some people might come out for me, but they didn't.
I walked on my hands and knees towards my compartment, and much to my delight, nobody came out of theirs.
Then I reached my quarters and opened the door.
"What the hell happened here?" I said in my head.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Story #83 - A train story (part 5)

I found the kiss to be unexpected. It felt like one of those surprises that happen when you wonder what the hell is going on, and it has the soothing effect. I'm calm now. I've stopped thinking about my busted nose, and about this predicament.
Then the knob started moving.
"Open up. It's the police."
"I'm on the can," I say after I take my lips away.
"Are you alone in there?"
"How long have you been inside?"
"Half an hour. I have a terrible stomach ache. The last place where you want to come in is in here."
I dropped something in the toilet water. It splashed.
"Alright. Take your time, then."
"Was there something you wanted?"
"No, nothing. Just take it easy."
As he said that, he left followed by a few more pairs of shoes, all hitting the metal floor hard. I heard a door being opened, then closed. They went to the next wagon.
"What do you want to do now?" I say as I stare into her eyes.
"We should get off at the next stop."
"We have to think about that. If the cop bought what I said, then he'll figure out that we will get off at the next stop. We should change our clothes or something. I have a jacket in my compartment, but it will be tricky getting in there. We need to think of a plan."
"Or we could stay in here for a while."
"We could do that."

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Story #82 - A train story (part 4)

Some people were on the corridor, looking towards our compartment. I didn't say anything. We ran.
As we passed by plenty of other compartments that were full, we reached the end of the train wagon. The toilet was there. We went in together.
We were chest to chest, nose to nose. We were both breathing heavy, she from running, me from having my nose busted open; fortunately, it stopped bleeding.
Our eyes met a couple of times, but couldn't stay together for longer than five seconds.
"How dare you." She said.
"Kissing me like that."
"Shouldn't I have?"
"I figured you wouldn't."
"You seemed quiet."
"So you expected me to get my ass handed to me. So you weren't looking for help, only for somebody to steal money from."
"What then?"
"I wanted help from that bastard. I didn't expect him to punch you. I knew he was jealous."
"I was right. You really wanted him to beat me up so you could feel wanted. And now that I did it, you don't feel as wanted."
"That's..." She shook her head, then lowered it on my chest. I put my right hand on her red hair. It was warm.
I felt my nose moist. I touched it with my left hand and saw blood again. It was warm.
She tilted her head up. Our eyes met. Our lips met. They were warm.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Story #81 - A train story (part 3)

As soon as I hit the damned floorboard and almost sprayed my blood onto her shoes, I glimpsed. I glimpsed into the future of where this will take us. All three of us. Things looked bright. I wanted to verify that statement.
Without turning from my belly to my side --can't move much in a cramped place-- I kicked the guy in the shin and heard him scream. A sort of a soft "AAAaaa!" that old women or frail men do. Not the kind of thing I'd expect from this badass. Guess he is a wannabe.
After his yelp, I smashed him in the knee and felt the floor quake right away. The guy's face was at my knee level. And he was massaging his hurt area with high intensity. My heel was at full strength, though.
I pulled myself up with the help of the seat cushions, then kneed the man in the face. His corduroy went into the door. His head went back and handled the knob. The noise was high.
I looked at the girl. She still had that confused look on her face.
I grabbed her arm, opened the door, and stepped on the bloke as I pulled her along.
We had to find another place. I had to find out the story.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Story #80 - A train story (part 2)

I decided not to cower away like I would do, or most people would do. This smacked of heroics, and not knowing the situation, and them not knowing me, I kissed her. While looking at him. I saw myself kissing her in his shades. And I liked it. Then I pulled her face away. She looked confused.
I stood up and approached the guy, who was equally confused.
"You swine," he said.
"I am a love boar. I can admit that."
Do you know how it is to be on top of the world and taking a nosedive faster than it takes a diver to make a splash?
Yeah, that splash was actually my blood. From the nose. From his clenched knuckle. From his right swing. From the hip. From his petty grunt. From his jealous brain.
I had to reconsider kissing her in the split second between his hit and me falling on the floor.
Then I smacked the wooden part of the compartment and realized that, as much as I hated these things happening to me, it made my blood boil. And I enjoyed it a lot.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Story #79 - A train story (part 1)

The train was moving at a steady pace. The noises it made were at a minimum. If you closed your eyes, however, you could hear and feel every cylinder engage into a hectic explosion that made the machine active.
I was alone in my compartment, and even though there was a no smoking sign, I had one between my lips. The window was open. The fresh air burst through with a whirlwind speed. I enjoyed it's breeze. I took out the cigarette from my mouth with my thumb and middle finger and exhaled once into the clean oxygen. Then I laid back in my seat.
As I was about to put the nicotine back between my lips, the door opened. A redhead. She looked scared. No. She looked terrified.
"Pretend you know me," she said as her eyes were looking all over the place. She closed the door.
I kept my cool when she sat to my right.
I was about to ask something when the door opened again. One guy with a scruffy beard, wearing black sunglasses and a corduroy hat.
"Come here," he said.
"I don't want to," she said.
She put crossed her arms with mine and put her head on my shoulder. As nice as it was, the tension was high. I puffed.
The male came inside the compartment, closed the door, and grabbed her arm.
"Let go," she said. "It hurts."
"I don't know who that is, but you're coming with me."
"He's my lover."
"He doesn't even care about you."
"Yes, he does."
At that point I had two choices. Either I stood down and pretended to not care, or do the following thing.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Story #78 - So busy

"Hey. You finally picked up."
"I was close to the phone this time."
"What'cha doin'?"
"This and that."
"Wanna hang out? Go see a movie, maybe a have beer."
"Come on."
"I'm busy."
"Eating and reading and watching stuff and..."
"You can do that when we hang out."
"I don't know. I don't like the outdoors much."
"Well, the movies are in a cinema. The beers or whatever are in pubs."
"But the time spent to get there is such a waste."
"Isn't that with everything?"
"I suppose so."
"Then we'll meet at..."
"Nah. Like I said, I'm busy."
"You can do those all the time."
"We can meet anytime, too."
"Jeez. Fine. Do whatever you like."
"Hello? Hung up. Oh, well."

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Story #77 - Oh, those weight issues

Right. I'm going to start losing weight tomorrow. Right now I can eat one more cake, maybe a cheesecake. Maybe something else if I feel like it.
Let me just get on the scales just to see where I will be tomorrow.
75 kilograms, on a 1.62m guy. Yeah. I'm quite stocky. But I'll be 70 kgs tomorrow. For sure.
I can picture it now. Doing 10...squats, and push-ups. Can I even do that many?
I haven't done any physical exercises in, in, in... Wasn't that in high school? Over ten years ago? Man does time fly by. Even then, a little bit chubby, still not the tank that I am now.
I don't even want to lose weight. My doctor wants me to. He says I have blood pressure. Bah.
I'm just fine. Although I have to say that recently I have seen myself indulge in one cake too many. I skimmed out the veg. Fruits or fruit jams or something of the sort are only in my sweets, and that's about it, I guess.
Yeah. I can see why this could be deemed unhealthy and blood rising, but it sure tastes nice. Someone told me that that's how they get you. Flavor over substance. And I honestly don't care that much. I want to enjoy myself, eating. I'm going to let others look nice. I want to...
Hmm. I think I want to look nice, too. I don't care about doc's jibber jabber. Looking nice, however, is something I'm interested in.
They say it's hard to lose weight once you gain a lot of it. I will show them that that's not the case.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Story #76 - Such an asshole

"Have I told you how much of an asshole you are?"
"Every day we meet. I gave you my number last week and you've been texting me, too."
"Because you are."
"If I really was, I wouldn't have given you my number."
"I think you gave it because you like being called one."
"So what makes me one?"
"You being yourself."
"Uh-huh. And you're not?"
"I'm well-mannered."
"You don't seem to have a problem with cursing me out."
"That's different."
"How do you figure?"
"An asshole needs to be called out by the nice guy."
"Oh, so you're a nice guy. You still haven't told me what differentiates you from me."
"You wanted to hang out, so I gave you my number. You keep calling me names and I don't reply back. I don't insult anyone, whereas you do. I usually compliment people daily, whereas you make fun of their blemishes or apparel."
"That's why you're an asshole. You say the truth."
"You have a weird logic."

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Story #75 - That opening sentence

OMG! I just read read this book, like right now finished the 5th page and this author is totally blowing my mind. Really, you know?
I wanna read faster to see how the story goes. But I don't have the patience. This reading thing is kinda boring. First time I'm reading something other than Facebook statuses and I don't have the patience to finish it.
I think I'll take these character's names and put them in Facebook status stories and maybe somebody will like them.
And I have the perfect opening line.
"It was a dark and stormy night."
I think I heard that one before.
"Once upon a time."
Nope. Doesn't quite work.
"This man is a man."
Yeah. That'll do.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Story #74 - Just another day

Just another day. That's what was supposed to be. Just another one.
Talking and making bad jokes among guys is something that happened all the time.
We were one of those underprivileged places where girls didn't really step inside, but when they did they weren't hot. No, scratch that. They weren't even cute. Or nice. Bitchy girls with an agenda to complain about their life and nobody here to give a damn.
Then she came in. Hair like autumn leaves, making her figure look like a bloomed bouquet. A smile that could make you forget what you were talking about, that could make you forget you had your mouth open. That could make you forget you had bills to pay.
She approached the counter with a gentle manner, still smiling like she meant it. Her eyes were glowing.
"Hi," I said.
"Hello," she said, in a soft tone able to mush the fiercest of men and turn them into puppy-eyed children.
"Can I ask you out?" As soon as I said that a voice in my head started yelling with an echo. Can't remember what it said. I'm pretty sure it was along the lines of me being sane.
She giggled. My knees almost buckled at that sound. "You're nice. And I'd like to accept it. I'm afraid I cannot." She showed me her ring finger with a ring on it.
"There's absolutely no way you will change your mind, right?"
She shook her head, still smiling.
"At least I tried."
"Exactly. Now you can feel better."
"I would've been ecstatic if you'd've said yes."
"I'm pretty sure you'll find one soon enough."

Falling for one, getting rejected. Fun day. How was yours?

Friday, 6 November 2015

Story #73 - A stupid surprise

On a cold and damp night I decided to walk outside.
It was the kind of weather where you want to stay indoors, with a blanket over you, eating something sweet, or drinking something hot, not where if you walk for 5 meters your shoes would get filled with water and you'd be too annoyed to get back inside to change socks. 

But I had somewhere to go.

I arrived at the place; a pub. The lights were off; candles instead. I felt like I was in the dark ages. I'm pretty sure they had the same feeling when I came in and most of the candlelight vanished. Someone screamed. Someone yelled "Idiot! It's only Dave." Then I heard an "Oh."
I turned on my phone's flashlight and guided myself to the group. We had Jim, Mary, and Carl. We needed the fifth member, Rosie.
"What's going on?" I say.
"Bloody power's been cut," Jim says.
"Are we the only ones here?"
"And the bartenders."
"Right. Should we postpone it, then?"
"Don't be daft. We can still make it work," says Carl.
"Oh, when is she coming? I need to go to the loo," says Mary.
"Go then," says Jim.
"I can't. I have to wait and do it."
"Fine. Then don't complain."

Everybody became silent. 
There were footsteps on the outside. Only four candles were on, and those were on the sides. Everybody was in the dark. 
The door opened.
"Hello?" A frightened female voice spoke. "Is anybody here?"
I turned on my phone's flashlight and put the light straight into her eyes.
"Hey, quit it."
The others followed my lead. 
"Oi." She became enraged. "I'm leaving. I didn't know this was a cult. I came because..."
"You were invited, plonker," Jim said. "It's yer birthday and this is our surprise. In the dark."
 We turned our phone's flashlight towards our faces and we probably looked creepy since all she could do was stare. 
"You're all morons. You ruined my birthday with this crap," Rosie said and dashed away with her head down.
"Do you reckon we should go after her?" Carl said.
"You go, I'm going to the loo," Mary said.
Me and the two other guys stared at each other, shrugged, turned to the bartender.
"Give us a pint of something nice. We're celebrating. We lost the fifth wheel. Now we can go out like normal couples," said Jim.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Story #72 - Some guys are like girls

"Will you come on already?"
"You've been looking at those damn teddy bears for over five minutes now."
"They're cute."
"They are, but we pass by them every time we come in this supermarket, and every time we get near the stupid counter to pay for our stuff, you find something bland that gets your eyes."
"Like you don't stop and stare while you go around the aisles?"
"Not as much as you. Jeez. When I had girlfriends I go shopping with them and they'd drive me crazy because they'd do what you're doing now, except in a lighter voice. Then I decided to try out guys to see how they were. And all of them were organized. Hell, some were even more than me."
"So what happened there?"
"I'm not sure myself. All I know is that you're starting to act like a girl for some reason."
"Maybe I have a feminine touch about me."
"The only feminine thing about you is your mom."
"Hmph. Guess I'll buy this bear so I can have something else feminine about me."
"Come on already."
"We are such a couple."
"We are, now can we move a bit faster, please?"
"Why are you in such a rush?"
"You'll see when we get home."
"You're such a nice asshole, aren't you?"
"Are there such creatures?"
"You are definitely one."
"I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not."
"It is. Well, if that got you sour, then I won't say anything until we get home."

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Story #71 - That feeling of emptiness

Have you ever felt empty after you came from a grocery spree? I'm pretty sure you have.
You roamed those aisles in search of the genie's lamp, knowingly that it wouldn't happen. But you're always hoping. You're a believer, even though you go in these places at least once a week, you still hope for something magical to appear out of thin packaging.
And if you don't go through the same lanes three times a trip, you're not going to feel satisfied.
Then, when you're confident you've picked out everything you need, you go to the counter to spend you're earned money, the ones where you spend time you don't necessarily want, and pay for the mostly rubbish items you buy.
As soon as you go through the store's doors, you feel disheartened.
When you arrive home and check the baggage, you realize two things. The first one being that you bought fewer things than you thought. The second being that you forgot to purchase something.
So you get annoyed. So annoyed that you go to a local grocery and buy a couple of bottles of beer, come back home and down them faster than it'd take you to empty the your first bags.
Then you feel sad, disgruntled, and wonder what the hell you're doing with your money.
You'll keep wondering until the next time you go buy crap you don't need. And you'll buy more beer, and feel even sadder.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Story #70 - Girl with a crush

There was this girl who liked a boy. Whenever she was near him, she'd blush, lower hear eyes and refuse to say a word. Even if asked. Then she'd retreat and spend time by herself.
Sometimes she would be talking to herself, looking to her left and to her right, even punching the air to her left, then move on.
That boy soon found a special someone, and she was saddened. She failed to show at work for the next four days. Although an important cog, nobody noticed her absence. When the boss called to find out, she said she was sick, and he demanded a doctor's note upon arrival.
She was disappointed that no coworker gave her at least a text message, and it made her change her mind. About her job, about the boy, about life.
While downstairs, wanting to go out to buy ice cream, her friend rang the bell. She was surprised and asked her why she was present. Her friend said that she noticed she felt down the last couple of days when her wasn't replying on her social media accounts. She figured something was up and decided to come in with her favorite desert, a lemon cheesecake.
She hugged her friend and they spent the next three hours talking about it all. Her friend told her that she shouldn't feel sad or bad or worried about that boy because she didn't make him an offer. If she would have been rejected, things would've stood differently, but as they are, she should feel good about herself for liking someone in a long time.
Smiling, and with the day off still, she decided to reward her friend with a trip to the movies. That's where she met someone.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Story #69 - Only blabla and yadda yadda

I walking up and down the streets every day, going left and right, juggling between people moving aimlessly, trying to reach their destination, some fast as a lynx, others slow as a cat about to fall asleep. I don't know where they're going. I can guess, though.
What I'd like to know is what they say.
I only hear "blabla" from the guys, and "yadda yadda" from the gals. And the weird thing is that they understand each other. They laugh, they smile, they growl, they smirk, they snog, they frown, they shout.
I'd like that to happen to me, too.
I'm probably the only person that can talk in a language, and it's hard to communicate. Even with my folks and colleagues.
Good thing I know sign language.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Story #68 - What's this love thing about? (final part)

Indeed we had. We took things slow that night. We went to a movie. I don't remember what it was. I only know that we held hands for parts of it. We kissed for some other parts, then left and came back during other parts, before we left for good.
We walked around for most of the night. Sat on a bench in Green Park until the sunrise came. We heard the ducks quack and even heard some foxes about. Don't know what they were doing, though. Sounded like they were dying or killing something. It was horrible.
But don't think that it got us down. We simply changed location in the park. We went from near the pond to a place closer to the trees. There were some squirrels about, which we tried to flash in some pictures, yet they were too fast for our tired hands.
Didn't matter. We were together.
And once that sun rose, we fell asleep, with our heads against one another.
We caught a cold when we woke up, and that was a good thing. It allowed us to spend more time together, away from work.