Friday, 27 November 2015

Story #94 - Staying over

"Hey, Frank. Great I caught you. My friend will spend the night over, if that's alright."
"Sure." I said and smiled. In my head I was going differently. And I wanted to find out.
"So, any plans for tonight?"
"I'm not sure. How come you're not going out? That's a change of pace."
"I know. I feel weird being home on Friday night. I have alcohol, and it'll all be fine. We'll be having a slumber party. I'd invite you along, but we might be too wild for you."
"Oh, really? Do I seem that..."
"You are a wallflower. You analyze stuff. You are shy."
"There's nothing wrong with that."
"And I went to parties with alcohol. I got drunk a couple of times."
"Hahaha. Even so, you're not like me."
"Probably not."
"You can come if you want to."
"We'll see. She's your friend. I'm sure you want to catch up. I'll be in the way."
"We talk daily."
"Do I have to dress more like I'm going out?"
"I'd say you should wear something other than this stained t-shirt and those shorts. You're not going to the park or to the bin."
"Right. You're making me feel like I'm on a date."
"You're not. There's no pressure. If there is and you can't handle it, then don't come. Or come and get laughed at. If you care about it."
Damn. Where did that come from? "If I'm not too busy I'll come."

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