Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Story #71 - That feeling of emptiness

Have you ever felt empty after you came from a grocery spree? I'm pretty sure you have.
You roamed those aisles in search of the genie's lamp, knowingly that it wouldn't happen. But you're always hoping. You're a believer, even though you go in these places at least once a week, you still hope for something magical to appear out of thin packaging.
And if you don't go through the same lanes three times a trip, you're not going to feel satisfied.
Then, when you're confident you've picked out everything you need, you go to the counter to spend you're earned money, the ones where you spend time you don't necessarily want, and pay for the mostly rubbish items you buy.
As soon as you go through the store's doors, you feel disheartened.
When you arrive home and check the baggage, you realize two things. The first one being that you bought fewer things than you thought. The second being that you forgot to purchase something.
So you get annoyed. So annoyed that you go to a local grocery and buy a couple of bottles of beer, come back home and down them faster than it'd take you to empty the your first bags.
Then you feel sad, disgruntled, and wonder what the hell you're doing with your money.
You'll keep wondering until the next time you go buy crap you don't need. And you'll buy more beer, and feel even sadder.

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