Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Story #70 - Girl with a crush

There was this girl who liked a boy. Whenever she was near him, she'd blush, lower hear eyes and refuse to say a word. Even if asked. Then she'd retreat and spend time by herself.
Sometimes she would be talking to herself, looking to her left and to her right, even punching the air to her left, then move on.
That boy soon found a special someone, and she was saddened. She failed to show at work for the next four days. Although an important cog, nobody noticed her absence. When the boss called to find out, she said she was sick, and he demanded a doctor's note upon arrival.
She was disappointed that no coworker gave her at least a text message, and it made her change her mind. About her job, about the boy, about life.
While downstairs, wanting to go out to buy ice cream, her friend rang the bell. She was surprised and asked her why she was present. Her friend said that she noticed she felt down the last couple of days when her wasn't replying on her social media accounts. She figured something was up and decided to come in with her favorite desert, a lemon cheesecake.
She hugged her friend and they spent the next three hours talking about it all. Her friend told her that she shouldn't feel sad or bad or worried about that boy because she didn't make him an offer. If she would have been rejected, things would've stood differently, but as they are, she should feel good about herself for liking someone in a long time.
Smiling, and with the day off still, she decided to reward her friend with a trip to the movies. That's where she met someone.

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