Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Story #91 - Not just another girl (poem)

Oh, I just saw
the most beautiful girl
in the world.

Don't believe me?
Don't have to.
But here's how you might.

A rave and grave blond
that paints the sides of her hair
while the middle part,
the roots, you know
are like chestnuts.
Together they form
this symbiotic element
that comes down on her figure.
It makes her radiate,
It makes her shine,
It makes her want to fall in love with her
multiple times.

She has a mole
near her nose.
Oh, boy, does it work
like a match three game.

Then we go to her lips
plump and meaty
would look good with anything on
but better with it off.

Down below,
not that far, though,
we have her chin
and it's a feast
for the sight,
for the taste,
for the touch,
for the noise, too.

Don't think I forgot about her
beast feature.
Those little white and blue balls
that stick out like 3d movies.
You look at them and
can't help but get stuck in them.
They aren't the ocean,
they are the Milky Way,
the endless happenings in your life,
the reason guys like girls.

I know.
My words aren't good.
Can never be that good.
Yet I try.
What have I got to lose?

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