Sunday, 29 November 2015

Story #96 - Getting into the festive mood

"You know, we have been planning on doing the Christmas decorations tonight, and everyone has agreed to help out. Why don't you want to do it?"
"I hate all that merry stuff."
"You can plug in your headphones and listen to whatever you want, and still help out."
"Then I can't hear anyone's directions."
"Use one ear."
"I won't hear my tunes properly."
"You know what? We have enough people. We will have a nice Christmas party, and we won't invite you."
"That's okay. I'd just spoil the mood."
"Because you'd complain about the music?"
"I don't know. I guess it's not in my nature to be nice."
"Pish-posh. You can be nice. You don't want to be, so you adopt this persona."
"Now go outside, clear your mind, and figure out if you want to give us a hand."
"Okay. I'll how I can annoy you with a different style... What's that glare about? I thought that was funny."

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