Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Story #84 - A train story (part 6)

The first train stop came and went. We stood there like a couple of scared teenagers. Afraid we might get caught by the higher powers and we wouldn't know what to do, to say. We were together, like a symbiotic body that thought of only one thing at a time, that moved in only one direction at a time, that said only one word at a time. However, we simply hummed. A melancholic hum that could give the namesake bird a competitor.
The train was moving with a steady speed. The dub-dub noises the wheels were making on the rails started to annoy me. I wanted out.
"Listen. I think it's time to get our stuff and move."
"I need to pee."
"Okay. I'll get my gear, while you wait here."
She winked. I smiled. Then I opened the door and peaked out.
The coast was clear.
I took a few steps out of the commode and she slammed the door behind me. You could hear the echo go far and away. I was afraid some people might come out for me, but they didn't.
I walked on my hands and knees towards my compartment, and much to my delight, nobody came out of theirs.
Then I reached my quarters and opened the door.
"What the hell happened here?" I said in my head.

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