Sunday, 15 November 2015

Story #82 - A train story (part 4)

Some people were on the corridor, looking towards our compartment. I didn't say anything. We ran.
As we passed by plenty of other compartments that were full, we reached the end of the train wagon. The toilet was there. We went in together.
We were chest to chest, nose to nose. We were both breathing heavy, she from running, me from having my nose busted open; fortunately, it stopped bleeding.
Our eyes met a couple of times, but couldn't stay together for longer than five seconds.
"How dare you." She said.
"Kissing me like that."
"Shouldn't I have?"
"I figured you wouldn't."
"You seemed quiet."
"So you expected me to get my ass handed to me. So you weren't looking for help, only for somebody to steal money from."
"What then?"
"I wanted help from that bastard. I didn't expect him to punch you. I knew he was jealous."
"I was right. You really wanted him to beat me up so you could feel wanted. And now that I did it, you don't feel as wanted."
"That's..." She shook her head, then lowered it on my chest. I put my right hand on her red hair. It was warm.
I felt my nose moist. I touched it with my left hand and saw blood again. It was warm.
She tilted her head up. Our eyes met. Our lips met. They were warm.

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