Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Story #77 - Oh, those weight issues

Right. I'm going to start losing weight tomorrow. Right now I can eat one more cake, maybe a cheesecake. Maybe something else if I feel like it.
Let me just get on the scales just to see where I will be tomorrow.
75 kilograms, on a 1.62m guy. Yeah. I'm quite stocky. But I'll be 70 kgs tomorrow. For sure.
I can picture it now. Doing 10...squats, and push-ups. Can I even do that many?
I haven't done any physical exercises in, in, in... Wasn't that in high school? Over ten years ago? Man does time fly by. Even then, a little bit chubby, still not the tank that I am now.
I don't even want to lose weight. My doctor wants me to. He says I have blood pressure. Bah.
I'm just fine. Although I have to say that recently I have seen myself indulge in one cake too many. I skimmed out the veg. Fruits or fruit jams or something of the sort are only in my sweets, and that's about it, I guess.
Yeah. I can see why this could be deemed unhealthy and blood rising, but it sure tastes nice. Someone told me that that's how they get you. Flavor over substance. And I honestly don't care that much. I want to enjoy myself, eating. I'm going to let others look nice. I want to...
Hmm. I think I want to look nice, too. I don't care about doc's jibber jabber. Looking nice, however, is something I'm interested in.
They say it's hard to lose weight once you gain a lot of it. I will show them that that's not the case.

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