Thursday, 5 November 2015

Story #72 - Some guys are like girls

"Will you come on already?"
"You've been looking at those damn teddy bears for over five minutes now."
"They're cute."
"They are, but we pass by them every time we come in this supermarket, and every time we get near the stupid counter to pay for our stuff, you find something bland that gets your eyes."
"Like you don't stop and stare while you go around the aisles?"
"Not as much as you. Jeez. When I had girlfriends I go shopping with them and they'd drive me crazy because they'd do what you're doing now, except in a lighter voice. Then I decided to try out guys to see how they were. And all of them were organized. Hell, some were even more than me."
"So what happened there?"
"I'm not sure myself. All I know is that you're starting to act like a girl for some reason."
"Maybe I have a feminine touch about me."
"The only feminine thing about you is your mom."
"Hmph. Guess I'll buy this bear so I can have something else feminine about me."
"Come on already."
"We are such a couple."
"We are, now can we move a bit faster, please?"
"Why are you in such a rush?"
"You'll see when we get home."
"You're such a nice asshole, aren't you?"
"Are there such creatures?"
"You are definitely one."
"I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not."
"It is. Well, if that got you sour, then I won't say anything until we get home."

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