Friday, 6 November 2015

Story #73 - A stupid surprise

On a cold and damp night I decided to walk outside.
It was the kind of weather where you want to stay indoors, with a blanket over you, eating something sweet, or drinking something hot, not where if you walk for 5 meters your shoes would get filled with water and you'd be too annoyed to get back inside to change socks. 

But I had somewhere to go.

I arrived at the place; a pub. The lights were off; candles instead. I felt like I was in the dark ages. I'm pretty sure they had the same feeling when I came in and most of the candlelight vanished. Someone screamed. Someone yelled "Idiot! It's only Dave." Then I heard an "Oh."
I turned on my phone's flashlight and guided myself to the group. We had Jim, Mary, and Carl. We needed the fifth member, Rosie.
"What's going on?" I say.
"Bloody power's been cut," Jim says.
"Are we the only ones here?"
"And the bartenders."
"Right. Should we postpone it, then?"
"Don't be daft. We can still make it work," says Carl.
"Oh, when is she coming? I need to go to the loo," says Mary.
"Go then," says Jim.
"I can't. I have to wait and do it."
"Fine. Then don't complain."

Everybody became silent. 
There were footsteps on the outside. Only four candles were on, and those were on the sides. Everybody was in the dark. 
The door opened.
"Hello?" A frightened female voice spoke. "Is anybody here?"
I turned on my phone's flashlight and put the light straight into her eyes.
"Hey, quit it."
The others followed my lead. 
"Oi." She became enraged. "I'm leaving. I didn't know this was a cult. I came because..."
"You were invited, plonker," Jim said. "It's yer birthday and this is our surprise. In the dark."
 We turned our phone's flashlight towards our faces and we probably looked creepy since all she could do was stare. 
"You're all morons. You ruined my birthday with this crap," Rosie said and dashed away with her head down.
"Do you reckon we should go after her?" Carl said.
"You go, I'm going to the loo," Mary said.
Me and the two other guys stared at each other, shrugged, turned to the bartender.
"Give us a pint of something nice. We're celebrating. We lost the fifth wheel. Now we can go out like normal couples," said Jim.

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