Saturday, 14 November 2015

Story #81 - A train story (part 3)

As soon as I hit the damned floorboard and almost sprayed my blood onto her shoes, I glimpsed. I glimpsed into the future of where this will take us. All three of us. Things looked bright. I wanted to verify that statement.
Without turning from my belly to my side --can't move much in a cramped place-- I kicked the guy in the shin and heard him scream. A sort of a soft "AAAaaa!" that old women or frail men do. Not the kind of thing I'd expect from this badass. Guess he is a wannabe.
After his yelp, I smashed him in the knee and felt the floor quake right away. The guy's face was at my knee level. And he was massaging his hurt area with high intensity. My heel was at full strength, though.
I pulled myself up with the help of the seat cushions, then kneed the man in the face. His corduroy went into the door. His head went back and handled the knob. The noise was high.
I looked at the girl. She still had that confused look on her face.
I grabbed her arm, opened the door, and stepped on the bloke as I pulled her along.
We had to find another place. I had to find out the story.

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