Sunday, 22 November 2015

Story #89 - That moment when you say something

When a girl you know, whom it's safe to say you're more than acquaintances, has given you a glare that says something along the likes of "I'm a woman. Don't you dare make me mad or I'll fuck you up. If I ask you for something, you say yes, not make a shitty joke nobody else laughs at. Alright?"
When you see that kind of face, there's only one thing to do, and that's not to do another joke, like I did.
After I said "What a scary face you're making. You should be the next Boogeyman." She approached me with her figure, her eyelids halfway open, her lips thrust downward, her cheeks tense, almost noticing teeth clenching and sawing one another, like lumberjacks do to trees.
I faked a smile to hide my sense of fear. Next thing I know I have my face turned to the right with a gradual burst of fiery heat grappling my left cheek. I put my fingers to that area and notice a chewy softness I didn't know they had.
I looked back at her. The glare was different. It said "You no longer know me. Leave my sight." I did, massaging my jowl with a round motion seen only in karate window cleaner kids.
I felt bad, although I don't know why. She wasn't like this before. I wonder what changed.

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