Thursday, 4 April 2013

Extremely Bullied #4

Despite being a dweeb for most of his teenage life, Jackson decided to change his appearance during the summer, new clothes, hairstyle and overall look, but something was missing from his supposed greatness, a frat club.
When he stepped foot inside the college campus, he passed by a table of a fraternity that wanted new pledges, called "Marco Polo."
The name beckoned him and he signed on the file; later that night, he and several others were inside the house, waiting to get instructed on their chore.
Jackson followed the leader -who gestured to them- and arrived at the pool; they were told to strip to their underwear, which they obeyed.
Several seconds later, the members gave them paper cuts all over their body -some even fell to the ground because of the sudden pain- and pushed them in the pool; which contained water, lemon juice and salt.
The whimpers came in an instant and some of them said they quit, but not Jackson, who -despite his lanky body- stood there with a smile on his face and when the leader saw this "act of impudence" as he put it, he forced him to stay in there for the next three hours, unsupervised; when they returned, Jackson was dead.