Thursday, 19 November 2015

Story #86 - A train story (final part)

I inched my way back to my compartment, still crawling, still afraid to attract attention. Then I reached my place. I stood up, felt tall like a lion on two paws, like how I was before she came into my life.
I jump-kicked the door away, after four hits. The first one was the loudest and the one that filled me the most with adrenaline. I used to enjoy the feeling. Growing old is probably what happened.
As I stepped inside the narrow wooden lane, I could hear all the other knobs turn. I grabbed my coat and I dashed. On my way towards the toilet I bumped into some people, while others from the back yelled at me, and I couldn't care less. 
I neared the wagon's exit, grabbed the handle with my hands and pushed it open. 
The wind was blowing heavily across my face.
"Blimey. I need to jump now."
I blinked once and heave-hoed myself outside like a maniac. I wasn't thinking about anything at this point, and when I heard a "Stop!" in mid-air, I wanted to turn around. That was impossible, however, I wish I wouldn't have jumped. 
My feet smashed the hilly ground, went sideways like a fork that prickled metal, and my body fell backwards. I hit the back of my head hard and turned unconscious.
When I woke up, I heard the trembled voices of someone. My eyes refused to open. I felt something watery on them.
I mumbled something.
"It's okay. You'll be fine. Don't move. Don't open your eyes. You had an accident."
"I couldn't feel my body. I played cocky for once in my life. How did it end so badly? No. How did it end? I wanted a bit of fun. Now I might die. Oh, I wish I...

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