Monday, 30 November 2015

Story #97 - From Black Friday to Cyber Monday

Late November. A period where it is wise to do your Christmas shopping. A period that surfaced ten years ago, and it's the gift you didn't want, but now it keeps on giving.
Year after year, paycheck after paycheck, item after item. You end up buying stuff that you never thought about, that you never wanted, and that made put your hands on your head.
then you go through December hoping you won't have to go anywhere because you can't afford it. Mooching off people for a pint or five. Some of you may be used to that through cigarettes. I don't blame you. They're expensive, and ultimately not worth it. Also, thumbs up for sharing, like we used to when we were small.
And alas, when the clock hits midnight, and the deals have finished, you go through your purchased items and figure out that you actually have enough for a bottle from the store. Fun times ensue.
Goodbye Black Friday. Goodbye Cyber Monday. Hello Tuesday Brewsday.

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