Thursday, 26 November 2015

Story #93 - This Black Friday thing

"OMG. It's Black Friday. I have to buy."
"Why do you have to buy? Do you need a TV that desperately, or a new phone, or some clothes?"
"Well, no, but they're on sale."
"Just because it says sale on them doesn't mean you have to pounce on everything."
"It's a pretty good sale, though."
"There'll be a sale for Christmas, one for the January period, something else in March, then there's the summer sale, you get an Autumn sale, and then you're back to Black Friday."
"Er...yeah, but there are still pretty good deals now. And besides, you buy now for Christmas, and for Christmas you can only buy food, a tree maybe, and that's about it, right? I mean, if you spend your cash on Black Friday, you should buy toys and whatnot if you have who to give them to, right?"
"Yes. Are you going to do that?"
"I only have myself. Alcohol tends to be cheaper on Christmas, so I'll figure about that when the time comes."
"In order words, you'll go poor and enjoy it. Actually no. You'll buy a bunch of stuff you don't care about, get bored of them after a week, and then ask someone to borrow some money from them to have a few pints."
"You know me so well."

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