Saturday, 21 November 2015

Story #88 - Teacher's hot

"Yo. Have you seen the hottie in our class?"
"The one sitting at the desk?"
"Yeah. She look young, right?"
"Damn straight. She what, 23? She closer to our age than all those geezers who teach us."
"You wanna do som'thin'?"
"What you havin' in mind?"
"Just a bit of fun. Come on."

"Yo, Miss teacher, lookin' mighty fine today."
"Thank you. Are you in this classroom?"
"Am I in this classroom? She askin' if I am here. Did ya hear that?"
"Are you?"
"I am the classroom."
"What's your name?"
"How come nobody is talking about you, Emmanuel?"
"They scared, Miss. They scared of my greatness."
"Oh, and how are you so great?"
"If you'd go out with me, you'll find out."
"I'm sure you're a nice boy, and that you know how to treat a girl right, but I don't date my students."
"Even if you'll be here only for today?"
"You're afraid. Is that it?"
"Afraid of what?"
"I'm such a real man and that scares you."
"You know, it actually does. I wouldn't want to act like a schoolgirl to my mature student. I would be embarrassed if I were to be at school the next day. I would have to change my job."
"Damn. I never thought about that. I'm sorry."

"You said we gonna have some fun. What was that?"
"Shut up. Let's pick on someone."

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