Monday, 16 November 2015

Story #83 - A train story (part 5)

I found the kiss to be unexpected. It felt like one of those surprises that happen when you wonder what the hell is going on, and it has the soothing effect. I'm calm now. I've stopped thinking about my busted nose, and about this predicament.
Then the knob started moving.
"Open up. It's the police."
"I'm on the can," I say after I take my lips away.
"Are you alone in there?"
"How long have you been inside?"
"Half an hour. I have a terrible stomach ache. The last place where you want to come in is in here."
I dropped something in the toilet water. It splashed.
"Alright. Take your time, then."
"Was there something you wanted?"
"No, nothing. Just take it easy."
As he said that, he left followed by a few more pairs of shoes, all hitting the metal floor hard. I heard a door being opened, then closed. They went to the next wagon.
"What do you want to do now?" I say as I stare into her eyes.
"We should get off at the next stop."
"We have to think about that. If the cop bought what I said, then he'll figure out that we will get off at the next stop. We should change our clothes or something. I have a jacket in my compartment, but it will be tricky getting in there. We need to think of a plan."
"Or we could stay in here for a while."
"We could do that."

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