Wednesday, 4 January 2012


It was a dark day. The clouds were everywhere and nobody seemed to mind the coming rain.

Yule, a shy kid from the neighborhood was having a blast actually, because, usually, when it rained, most people went inside, except for him and a couple of other shy ones.

One of the reasons he was so timid was because of his name.
He couldn't quite understand why his parents gave him that odd calling card.

His only friends were the other shy ones and they had a great time, on occasion.
However, today will not be one of those times.

Just as Yule was going to get out of the house, somebody screamed at him to watch out. His reflexes weren't so quick, therefore, he got hit in face with a baseball, knocking a couple of teeth out.

Yule fell to the ground and started crying. The person that threw the ball started laughing hard, while the one that shouted ran away, half laughing, half embarrassed.
Eventually, the one that threw hid somewhere, whilst looking like a tomato.

Yule, who had blood on his chin, crawled inside the house.
Seeing as he was all alone and with a terrible pain, he wondered what to do.
Thinking of calling some of his friends for help, reconsidered since he could barely talk. His parents were at work.

First thing he did what to go to the bathroom and wash his face.
After that, he picked up a glass and put some aspirin in it.
With his teeth in his hand, he put them under his pillow and went to sleep, despite the fact that it was 5 pm.

He woke up the next day to find that other teeth started growing in those places and that under his pillow was a dollar.

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