Monday, 20 June 2016

Story #300 - The serenity of travel

Ah, travelling... That place where you spend time in a not so comfortable entrapment filled with strangers, who usually, out of respect for others, tend to be calm and quiet. In other words, considerate and proper.

As it happened, my headphones went kaput and I was left tending to the silence of the road, the occasional bump in the road, and the flush of the loo.
Things were okay, until I heard this fly-like murmur from the back. I kept turning my head, trying to find the problem, always missing it. Then, I pretended to go to the loo with hopes. They were fulfilled.

Two girls occupied four chairs while others sat like sardines. They were friends,  and were talking quite loudly to one another, making everybody hear their conversation, unless they had working ear mufflers.
I wanted to go over and tell them to shut up, but they stopped buzzing.
When it happened, the serenity returned. I enjoyed the rest of my trip afterwards.

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