Friday, 24 June 2016

Story #304 - Where's my phone? part 4

I carried on, contemplating the facts of technology, along with a dozens and dozens of quiet zombies.
As we neared town hall, we noticed quite the big crowd.
"Could I have your attention, please?"
I heard it from afar, from a megaphone probably, yet I couldn't see the source.
"Alright, people. Please, calm down, so we can figure out the problems."
Buzzing and pushing were a constant. I don't understand people like that. Why must you be so restless instead of staying calm and hearing what the person has to say? Nothing good ever came from continuous stress, you pillocks.
"Can I talk now?" I still don't see him. "Thank you. Now, as you've probably noticed, all our technological devices, as well as our electricity and transport has disappeared. I don't know why it happened as we cannot communicate with other places to find out. However, our printing press can function through manual labor, whereas our shops can no longer function without power." Oh, dear. I sense a riot ensuing. "What? ... Oh, it appears that we have our old automobiles and phones still present. Therefore we can travel to find out what has happened."

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