Saturday, 4 June 2016

Story #284 - It's okay. Once more.

I'm sure every person who has started something, or wanted to do something, has told themselves at least once, that today was the last time they were going to do that particular bad habit.
And days passed, and they did it again. And again. So much for last time, right?
Addiction, regardless of the object, isn't a good thing, yet, sometimes, there is no helping thyself. Going crazy is standard.
There are rare occasions when a person is asked for a hand, or an institution, or worse, family. If the foresight is there in order to notice that, then the battle might be won.
If people force themselves upon thee, and drive the person away, the showdown has been lost.
But what if there is no one there, no will to get anyone, no desire to move forward, no demeanor for improvement?
The world goes sadder by the way at the lack of smiles on its surface. And that's not healthy. Not healthy at all.

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