Thursday, 9 June 2016

Story #289 - Playing video games

Often times, people will question those that spend their time playing a game instead of doing something productive.
In some aspect, that is true, as not everyone can make money off of a game if they don't use streaming sites and such, but, playing them improves the player.
They learn that patience is a virtue.
They learn how to play in a team, how to command, how to take a bullet.
They learn how to get frustrated and come back for more.
They learn how to think differently. Like in chess.
They also learn how to have fun in a different way, with strangers (or alone).
Video games, while some shun them, some say they're for children, or for those who don't have their heads on their shoulders, but spending time watching a sports match, watching the flavour of the month in movies, reading drivel magazine and boring social media posts that add nothing to your life, is definitely more worth it, right?

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