Saturday, 25 June 2016

Story #305 - Where's my phone? part 5

When that guy, who I assume is the Mayor, said that we can travel, almost everybody raised their hands or created murmur.
"Now, now, I know you all want to get out and see what is happening in the country right now, but we don't have that many vehicles. We need strong, young, men that can function without much sleep. We need vigorous people, and most of you are. Therefore, I will pick and choose."
Great. That means I'm out of it. The guy's far away, he doesn't see me, and not like I'm bulky or anything, either. I'm going home.
The commotion is still going on, and I think he chose a few guys since the cheers have started shuffling.
What to do now? I need food. Any shops open?
...nope. Not even pubs. Actually, they're not here anymore. Are we going to starve to death? Crap.
I never considered the dearth of this thing. Cannibalism? I hope not. I'd better check out the markets.

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