Saturday, 11 June 2016

Story #291 - Cafe Blaggers

Lurking about on the streets, not knowing what to do with myself, if I'm hungry or simply bored, I pass by this dinky little corner shop. Well, more like a cafe than a shop. Four tables and ten chairs outside, a couple of umbrellas, and an advert on every piece. "Blaggers, because we're honest." Knowing some basic slang, I couldn't help but laugh.
I approach the window to glance at the menu. Stuff that everyone has, like chicken, beef, pork, and the newer veggie sandwich. The only difference between them is the meat or lack thereof, which is a tad shocking considering you're paying five pounds (three for the simpler one) for a mini baguette cut in half, spread around with salad, a couple slices of tomatoes, pickles, and the occasional sauce like salsa, mayo, mustard, ketchup, or guacamole. Yep, only one. At least they're honest about it.
Next down the menu is the mains. "Fishin' chips," which I'm guessing is a new take on the classic, alongside the "Coleslawed chicken breasts." That definitely costs more than the drumsticks or wings.
And their third main is salad with croutons. They're really taking the piss; makes me smile.
Of course, there's the desert, chocolate ice cream.
As I keep staring at this thing, a hand is waving from behind it. I blink and turn my eyes towards the moving skin. It's a girl inviting me in. "Huh?" I go in my head.
I'm thinking about it for a second or two, then I shake my head and walk away. Weirdo!

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