Sunday, 19 June 2016

Story #299 - So much bread

Just imagine being in a room locked up with the freshest and nicest bread the world has to offer, and you can't indulge yourself too much or your trousers won't fit you any longer.
But is it really worthwhile to consider your waist when you have gooey goodness slithering in front of your irises, growing the hair follicles on your body, and making your jaw drop with spit like you've seen the tastiest thing ever?
Pretzels, croissants, bagels, donuts, pizza...oh, that's not exactly a bread. Doesn't matter. Like they have bread filled with cheese, olives, jalapenos, and who knows what else, so is pizza a bread. It's like an open calzone, without closure.
Breads make the world go around, at least in the western part of Earth, and wheat is the base for 95% of them, with the five percent coming from the last five or so years, after they, the powers that be, decided to give something to the gluten intolerant people, too. How kind.

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