Saturday, 18 June 2016

Story #298 - Cracked my trousers

"What happened?"
"I bent with these heavy stacks, and my trousers cracked open just there."
"Oh...right. So what you gonna do now?"
"I don't know. Can you see it?"
"Umm, no, not really,, it's fine. Maybe if you squat... Yeah, you can see a bit there, but that's it. Not much. You'll be fine."
"Jesus. This is the literal way of helping and then getting hit by something. Must be what some people feel later in life when they regret giving a hand."
"You regret it? They're simply trousers."
"They are, but I still have to spend money to buy new ones."
"True. It is a pain in the backside. I think you can sow them up. Won't look the same, yet it might work."
"I'll see. For now, let's pretend nothing happened."

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