Monday, 13 June 2016

Story #293 - Apologize, dammit

"Hey, mate."
"How's about you apologize?"
"Never seen you in my life. What's there to apologize about."
"You bumped into me and spilled my drink."
"Oh, that it? If you wouldn't be all over the place, I wouldn't have touched you. Look around. Everybody's standing chill, grouped, while you and your lot are spread everywhere. Why do you make it harder for people to move around, huh?"
"Apologize, mate."
"Apologize. Now!"
"Haha. How's about you take a hike before you embarrass yourself?"
"Apologize, mate."
"Bye bye."
"Let go of my shoulder."
"I said let go."
"Say you're sorry."
"Fine. I'm sorry I couldn't avoid you."
"That's not good enough."
"Best you're gonna get from me."
"Do we have a problem here, gents?"
"Now the bouncer's here because of your hand on my shoulder. This guy was moving all over the place, and I had to go to the other side. There was no evading him, as much as I tried, and I bumped into him a little. Now his drink's spilled a little."
"A little? More like half."
"Alright, alright. I'll talk to the bartender, while you two break it up, okay?"
"Fine by me."

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