Thursday, 2 June 2016

Story #282 - We goin' out

"Yo, Sally, we goin' out tonight."
"Huh? It's Thursday, you lummox. We've school tomorrow."
"So? No important classes goin' on. 'Sides, we can always get that damn jellyfish, Curtis, to give his notes."
"Settles it."
"Wait! I don't wanna go out tonight. I still have my hoework. I meant home-"
"Hoework is right. Get out of those pajamas and put on that yellow satin dress, and let's hit the streets."
"Nuh-uh. I need make-up, a new hairstyle-"
"Want me to slap the shit outta ya right now?"
"No. You look fine. Let's go."
"Fine. It'll take a while until I get ready, though."
"Just move your ass."
"So pushy..."

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