Friday, 10 June 2016

Story #290 - Back in the day #transport

Back in the day, when you didn't have these technological advancements where you can make money through various online ways, people, especially those in more remote places, had to take the train every time they went to work. And that train ride took them at least a couple of hours. Not that their home was that far from the respective location, but the speed with which the transport moved made one grow old and sick.
The hinges could be felt, going "clunk-clunk-clunk" after it started rolling the engine.
More often than not, there was a particular question going on. "Will I survive the trip? Will it break in half? Will my children be alright?" A particular long one, okay. But that's how it blurted within the passenger's cranium.
Back in the day, when you had bigger chances of not coming home from a failed engine than being hit by a car or shot by a gun.

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