Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Story #308 - Where's my phone? part 8

Here I was, making my way through the vastness of the people, following an invisible, but distinct trail of foul smell.
I elbowed my way past a small shop called "Fishmongers", and managed to get in unscathed. The lights were out, yet there was a glimmer from the back, hidden behind the closed door.
'I blend in well with the darkness,' I thought, praising my colours as I ninja-ed myself through the unopened metal door.
The stench grew profusely with each step.
'This is unbearable. Can you pass out from such an odor? I hope not.'
I had to clasp my nostrils shut with my fingers and breathe through my mouth, and even that made it unbearable.
But I managed to make it out. And when I saw the light, I wish I hadn't.

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