Monday, 6 June 2016

Story #286 - Bootcamp argument

"Drop and give me fifty, maggot."
"Sir, no, sir."
"There is no no in bootcamp, maggot. Now give me fifty."
"No, sir."
"Dammit. I'm not telling you, I'm ordering you to give me fifty."
"No, sir."
"Why not, you worm bastard?"
"Because I'm not strong enough. And stop talking to me like that."
"You need discipline, punk."
"I won't get anything if you go about it like that."
"You'll get something."
"I will. The desire to deck you."
"Ohhohohohoh. Think you can take me, huh?"
"I don't know if I will take you, but I will try to take you, and if I do, I want you to give me fifty."
"Hah. Get ready, peachfuzz. It's about to be serious."

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