Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The gift

Trent was in his mid twenties when he a car almost ran him over, but he jumped from it and landed on a piece of ice, slipping, landing on his head and going into a coma.

Times were tough for his parents and girlfriend.
As the years passed, the same thing happened to his parents.

His girlfriend left him as well, eventually, even his friend left him, seeing that he was in a coma for ten years.
One Christmas morning and everything changed. His limbs were saggy no more, like they were when he was committed to the hospital, his face was like a twenty year old man and there was a present near his bed.

When one of the nurses came in, she had a huge shock, then ran back to the doctor, to let him know what had happened. The doctor came quickly and checked his pulse, then his eyes.
Just as he opened the eyelids, Trent emerged from the bed, like the Phoenix bird emerges the second time.
He looked around didn't recognize anyone.

"Who are you people?"
"Trent, you've been in a coma for the past ten years." said the doctor.
"Ten years? You must be joking doc, I feel just fine."
"Yes, you look like before, when you first arrived here."
"Maybe I'm ageless." and he laughed. "What's with the present?"
"I assume it's for you, and it has a note on it."
"Yes, it says it came from the North Pole. Is this for real?"
Everybody remained speechless. A present from there, arriving in the 8th level of the hospital, while the window was wide open.

"I didn't open that window." said the nurse.
"Are you saying that Santa came here?"
"Seems like he did, and he brought you a great present."

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