Thursday, 29 December 2011

Breaking out

"Hey, Max, you sure you're up for it?"
"You betcha."
Here I was, with Max, waiting for 10 pm to arrive in order to get Bucky out of the hospital.
Poor old Bucky, he had just been diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago and is upset that he'll miss the party that he put together this year, our Christmas party.
We went to visit him several times, as well as other colleagues, and he seemed so depressed because of the cancer.

It appeared out of nowhere, he laughed at the doctor, at first, because he couldn't believe that he could've gotten it, stating that he was a very healthy man and couldn't possibly be his chart. Yet it was, and the doctor was extremely serious, even though the cancer was benign, he was adamant that Bucky going to be checked in the very next day in order to prevent anything bad from happening, despite Bucky's arguments.

It was nearly time. We had the ambulance here, the doctor outfits and tags and we went in.
Everything was exactly how I planned it. Few people, every patient asleep.
We entered and said "hello" to the nurse at the front desk, she replied with the same word and we were on our way to his room.
Entered the place and he was almost asleep, until he saw us, and that made him scream a bit, but Max managed to get faster and put his hand over Bucky's mouth to make the man silent.
He asked plenty of questions like why were we there at that time and why were we dressed like doctors. We said that he'll see for himself in a while.
After that talking, we stopped the power in the machines, then we unplugged him, but we left the saline attached.

When we left, the nurse almost stopped us, but we told her that it was crucial of Bucky to come with us because his mother was in a bad way and wanted to see her son for the, probably, the last time. The nurse shed a couple of tears for that and let us leave.
We celebrated when we entered the ambulance and went in the direction of the party.
When we got there, he knew where we were and became excited.

As we joined the festivities, we announced that we brought in a stripper, and that she was under the blanket.
Max pulled the blanket and Bucky jumped up and began to shake his butt singing "Tananana, This feels so good, so good" and everybody got a kick out it.
All went well on that peaceful night.
We returned Bucky to the hospital early in the morning and everything was going to be fine.
He beat the cancer and went on to live a happy life.

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